Dynamic captions, a unique and innovative functionality of the OTT solution Bee

Would an OTT platform really be successful without subtitling its videos? No. However, technical obstacles remained and prevented audiovisual actors from taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by transcription.

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Handstar TV, the new 99% handball video media by Kinow

Handball fans can now enjoy a dedicated streaming platform!

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Create your own OTT sports streaming platform

Finding interesting sports content is not always easy for sports fans. What if streaming was a way around the problem?

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How to write a technical specifications for your streaming service?

Thinking your project through is often the key to success. Deploying an OTT service is not an easy task, and a clear plan of requirements is essential to implement it.

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BEE, the SAAS video solution from Alpha Networks, is the new official video platform of the LNV

Paris, October 6, 2022 - The software solutions provider for the global video distribution market Alpha Networks and the National Volleyball League (LNV) are pleased to announce a partnership for...

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How to optimize a sports streaming website? The LNV chooses Kinow

Streaming and sports, a great love story! The LNV has chosen Kinow and its OTT Bee solution to optimize its streaming site and the broadcasting of the national league games.

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3 actions to win new subscribers

Your video service is ready, your content uploaded, your communication plan on track. But do you have all the keys to make an effective web marketing campaign?

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Pitchoun, the streaming platform for kids by Kinow

Who said streaming is only for adults? With the right content, children can also enjoy live channels and video on demand.

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Newsbridge and Alpha Networks partner for end-to-end cloud video management and OTT

12 July 2022 – SaaS platform providers Newsbridge and Alpha Networks have teamed up to offer sports and media organizations a powerful, end-to-end cloud video management and OTT solution.

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Educate with streaming: Kinow deploys EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal

VOD to educate! Commonly associated with commercial objectives, streaming can also be a vector to inform and pass on a message.

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