The Académie des César trusts Kinow for the creation of its viewing platform for its members

The Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques, also known as the Académie des César, is the institution in France that rewards professionals in the film industry.

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Freaks On, the new streaming platform dedicated to horror movies powered by Kinow

The Freaks On platform was born out of a passion for horror and horror movies. It is one of those niche platforms that stand out by offering unique content in...

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OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence: the future for telecom operators

Since the digital revolution and the Cloud, telecom operators are facing new demands from consumers. In response, key topics are emerging such as OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence.

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8 ideas to boost your VOD/SVOD sales during Christmas holidays!

Did you know that vacation periods are very conducive to increasing your online video sales?

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The new digital challenges of television channels in 2020

Adapting to profound changes in the way programs are consumed, managing the unequal balance of power with telecoms operators, or retaining and growing their audience: TV channels are facing major...

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Streaming video: AVOD takes its revenge

In the overloaded streaming landscape, dominated by subscription-based pay-per-view (SVOD) services like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon PrimeVideo, another model hasn't said its last word: AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand).

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Distribute your content internationally with the new Multi-country feature

Kinow is pleased to introduce the new Multi-country feature, an essential parameter to broadcast and manage your content internationally.

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Meeting with Michael Stattmann, CEO & Founder at castLabs

In recent weeks, Kinow has been able to meet some of its partners for special "expert" interviews. Michael Stattmann, CEO & Founder at castLabs. He tells us "How to reconcile...

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Which social media strategy for a streaming platform?

If you want to communicate on social networks about your streaming platform, this article will give you some keys that will help you organize yourself and establish a social media...

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SVEVID propels its streaming platform dedicated to the audiovisual heritage from countries in the ex-Yugoslavian region with Kinow

Mohikanac Production brings together film professionals, enthusiasts and visionaries around cinematic stories. The company launches SVEVID, the first video-on-demand platform dedicated to the promotion of the audiovisual heritage of the...

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