The trade show Maison&Objet relies on Kinow to offer a new streaming service to its professional community!

Where does customer experience stop? In a connected society, can a trade show leave besides all the digital channels? This is one thought that had Maison&Objet.

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Kinow integrates with Dalet Flex to offer an automated solution, from content preparation to audience engagement on all screens

Managing the production and direct distribution of video content are two facets of the same workflow which require specific tools, often complex and expensive to integrate together.

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The International Student Animation Festival of Brazil Anim!Arte opts for a 100% online version by Kinow

The Brazilian International Animation Festival for Students has decided to make an entirely digital edition for this special year.

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8 keys for a successful SEO strategy of your VOD platform

The Search Engine Optimization or the natural referencing aims to improve your search engine positioning (Google, Bing or Orange…) in order to increase the visibility of your website and consequently...

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Kinow offers personalized content recommendation with Rumo by Spideo

"Recommended for you", you have probably already watched a video following a suggestion from a streaming service, whether paid or free.

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Château de Versailles Spectacles chooses Kinow to create its audio and video streaming platform

A private subsidiary of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles, Château de Versailles Spectacles mission is to perpetuate the tradition of shows and performing...

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Hyper-growth period for Kinow

Over the last two years, the organization has grown exponentially.

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Kinow deploys Reworld Media's thematic SVOD channels

Created in 2012 and developed around strong media brands, Reworld Media is today a major group in the French media panorama. In only 7 years, the group has become the...

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New feature: Broadcast your live events and TV channels live with Kinow Live

Kinow is pleased to present you the new Live feature that allows you to broadcast your TV channels and live events, whatever your field (sports, festival, training, corporate...).

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Benefits of choosing SaaS for your business

Many companies choose a SaaS-based software to develop their business. The advantages of SaaS are numerous as they allow to save time, money and precious energy for all collaborators of...

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