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8 criteria to consider when selecting your technical partner for your OTT platform

This article provides important keys that will help video professionals select an OTT platform provider that meets their needs.

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15 keys to acquire and retain users

In the video industry it can sometimes be difficult to develop your user and subscriber base and sometimes even harder to keep them. In this article you will find practical...

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How to write an engaging blog article that generates traffic

If you want to start blogging as a video professional, this article will give you some keys to help you write catchy and engaging articles that will generate traffic to...

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Online video service and monetization: which alternatives?

For any online video service, producing and acquiring content can be a significant investment. The subject of monetization is therefore crucial to consider a fast ROI (return on investment) and...

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9 keys to increase your subscription revenues

Worldwide, SVOD subscriptions are expected to increase by 409 million between 2017 and 2023 to reach 777 million subscribers.

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How to anticipate and reduce the churn rate

It is often easy to acquire new customers on your Video platform. But the same cannot be said by actors in this sector about keeping and retaining them.

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Pay-TV strategy from traditional cable operator to OTT

For every new subscription to traditional pay-TV, three new subscriptions to OTT services emerge (source: satellite TV).

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Sport and OTT, results and keys to success

Since the first large-scale digital sport broadcast, during the Olympics Games in Turin in 2016 until today, technologies and viewing habits have fundamentally changed. From linear to OTT, some tips...

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How to choose your advertising server to start your business in AVOD?

If subscription model (SVOD) is very common, it is also possible to monetize video content with advertising (AVOD).

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Have you heard about audiovisual works grants from Creative Europe?

Indeed, you can receive financial aid from the European Commission for your VOD services. In this article, we will focus on the grants called "Promotion of European audiovisual works online"...

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