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Piracy in the streaming world: what is it and how to deal with it

Piracy is a scourge that still strikes the film industry. This phenomenon, which was gradually disappearing, is resurfacing.

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The features we launched for your streaming platform in 2022

In 2022, we launched new features for your OTT platform to provide an even more personalized and immersive viewing experience.

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OTT platforms, a boost for your content strategy!

Streaming platforms are experiencing exponential success and they do not intend to stop there.

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Create your own OTT sports streaming platform

Finding interesting sports content is not always easy for sports fans. What if streaming was a way around the problem?

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How to write a technical specifications for your streaming service?

Thinking your project through is often the key to success. Deploying an OTT service is not an easy task, and a clear plan of requirements is essential to implement it.

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How to optimize a sports streaming website? The LNV chooses Kinow

Streaming and sports, a great love story! The LNV has chosen Kinow and its OTT Bee solution to optimize its streaming site and the broadcasting of the national league games.

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3 actions to win new subscribers

Your video service is ready, your content uploaded, your communication plan on track. But do you have all the keys to make an effective web marketing campaign?

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How to monetize a streaming platform?

51% of French people turned to a video streaming service during the first French lockdown, according to a study organized by Kantar for Et Demain Notre ADN in January 2021.

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How to build audience loyalty on your video streaming platform thanks to user knowledge?

The trend is "on demand"! Every year, more and more entities, companies, want to create a video streaming site.

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8 keys for a successful SEO strategy of your VOD platform

The Search Engine Optimization or the natural referencing aims to improve your search engine positioning (Google, Bing or Orange…) in order to increase the visibility of your website and consequently...

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