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Sport and OTT, results and keys to success

Since the first large-scale digital sport broadcast, during the Olympics Games in Turin in 2016 until today, technologies and viewing habits have fundamentally changed. From linear to OTT, some tips to get you start off on the right foot.

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How to choose your advertising server to start your business in AVOD?

If subscription model (SVOD) is very common, it is also possible to monetize video content with advertising (AVOD). Indeed, video is one of the most effective ad formats used in display advertising. When you start your business model in AVOD, a question arises very quickly: how to choose my Ad Server?

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Have you heard about audiovisual works grants from Creative Europe?

Indeed, you can receive financial aid from the European Commission for your VOD services. In this article, we will focus on the grants called "Promotion of European audiovisual works online" which makes it possible for you to apply for three types of support. Let’s discover it !

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CNC grants for your VOD project

Every year, the CNC (French national center for cinema) ) gives financial aids to develop the French cinematic and VOD offer. Let’s take a look at the four grants you could benefit from.

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Benefits of choosing SaaS for your business

Many growing companies opt for a SaaS-based software instead of a custom-built solution. With good reason: there are plenty of benefits to choose a Software as a Service. It saves you a lot of time, money and valuable energy.

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8 keys for a successful SEO strategy of your VOD platform

You'd like to improve the SEO of your VOD platform ? Kaemo gives you some advices : how to choose your keywords, how to boost your visibility on social networks or how to optimize the SEO of your videos.

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VOD vocabulary for dummies

OTT, SVOD, DTR, EST, AVOD, so many fuzzy terms that can leave you puzzled. Here we give you some information about these different video distribution formats.

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6 ideas to stimulate your VOD / sVOD sales during holidays !

Discover 6 differents advices to increase your VOD / sVOD sales during holidays: those tips will help you to attract new customers with an effective strategy and grow your sales during this period.

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3 different ways to increase your video sales thanks to social medias!

Discover 3 different ways to increase your video sales thanks to social medias such as Youtube annotations, flash sales on Facebook or Twitter

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Boost the sales of your VOD platform

Best tips to improve your sales and visibility on the internet: at what price to sell videos and how to attract visitors on a VOD platform?

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