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The features we launched for your streaming platform in 2022

In 2022, we launched new features for your OTT platform to provide an even more personalized and immersive viewing experience.

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Dynamic captions, a unique and innovative functionality of the OTT solution Bee

Would an OTT platform really be successful without subtitling its videos? No. However, technical obstacles remained and prevented audiovisual actors from taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by transcription.

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Les captions dynamiques, fonctionnalité unique et innovante de la solution OTT Bee

Une plateforme OTT serait-elle vraiment aboutie sans sous-titrage de ses vidéos ? Non. Seulement, des freins techniques subsistaient et empêchaient les acteurs de l’audiovisuel de profiter pleinement des opportunités portées...

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VOD solution and email campaigns: new Kinow email editor

Did you know that email is an essential tool to retain your audience on your streaming platform?

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Why create a streaming application for smart TV with Kinow?

Every day, more and more people use smart TVs. With Kinow streaming solution, you can stand out and launch a dedicated streaming application.

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How to customize user experience on your video platform with Kinow widgets?

When you decide to launch or develop a streaming platform, user experience is at the center of every decision you take.

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Launch your own Spotify with Kinow’s audio streaming solution!

Did you listen to podcasts or music thanks to an audio streaming service recently? For a few years now, audio has been taking a special place among all the content...

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New feature: Broadcast your live events and TV channels live with Kinow Live

Kinow is pleased to present you the new Live feature that allows you to broadcast your TV channels and live events, whatever your field (sports, festival, training, corporate...).

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Distribute your content internationally with the new Multi-country feature

Kinow is pleased to introduce the new Multi-country feature, an essential parameter to broadcast and manage your content internationally.

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New management of access modes to your video catalogue

Kinow is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved management of the access modes to your catalogue.

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