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New management of access modes to your video catalogue

Kinow is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved management of the access modes to your catalogue.

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Zoom on video compression: what is transcoding and why is it essential in OTT?

Kinow offers a complete chain of fully automated video file ingest, including transcoding, storage and distribution (CDN). Let's take a look at video transcoding, which is essential to ensure a...

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New Kinow encoding system: on-the-fly packaging

A few months ago, we announced the launch of our new video hosting service based entirely on AWS Elemental. Today, we would like to give an insight about "on-the-fly packaging".

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Stripe & SCA: a new European regulation

Kinow offers several payment modules to meet its customers and their streaming services needs.

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Evolution of the Kinow dashboard: part 1 - business indicators

Since 2015, Kinow has supported the deployment and improvement of more than 200 video platforms worldwide.

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The e-learning: a star is shining

E-learning is defined as "the use of new multimedia and Internet technologies to improve the quality of education and training". Meaning, use... We tell you everything!

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New client API using GraphQL

In 2018, we have introduced our Server API (using REST/Json), allowing to integrate Kinow services inside « server » applications, for example website.

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Integrate video on demand in your PrestaShop website

We are proud to announce the launch of our video on demand module on PrestaShop 1.6! Available on PrestaShop Addons marketplace, this module is dedicated to the distribution and sale...

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A dedicated VOD platform to broadcast a unique film: yours !

Not all content publishers have a catalog with many references. With Kinow you can highlight your productions without having to go through many intermediaries thanks to the OTT.

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Wish list, blog widget and multi-screen restrictions

Check out the latest updates and features available on your Kinow VOD platform.

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