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OTT market in 2020: trends, growth levers...

Nowadays, the OTT market is booming. The world of digital streaming and entertainment has grown by leaps and bounds and is not about to stop any time soon. The influx of new technologies, internet penetration and the increase in the number of mobile users are the major players in this (r)evolution.

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The SVOD market: leader VS challenger...who will stand out?

SVOD has an increasingly important place in households, thanks to the ergonomics of the platforms as well as the quality and quantity of the content offered. The launches of these new players, some of which began at the end of 2019, define the dawn of a new age: Netflix is now facing new entrants with stated ambitions, each spending billions on content to attract subscribers...

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Niche SVOD service: a promising future!

Two-thirds of SVOD's global services are aimed at the general public. We can then clearly underline the existence of a real opportunity in the market of niche video content, which are ultra-specialized SVOD platforms that have appeared in recent years and are directly aimed at a specific and targeted audience.

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Stripe & SCA: a new European regulation

Since 2019, Kinow is a verified partner of Stripe with support from SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). This is a new demand for European regulation to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure. Concretely, it involves asking for additional authentication to customers during online purchases.

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VOD: rise of kids channels

The younger audiences have moved away from linear television. Their growing desires for video-on-demand content represents an enormous opportunity for VOD & SVOD services, ideally to build long-term relationships. One of the main challenges of OTT services dedicated partly or totally to children is to find new ways to involve young users in order to maintain or conquer new market shares.

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Pay-TV strategy from traditional cable operator to OTT

Faced with the fragmentation of uses, TV channels must adopt a new video strategy in order to reach audiences regardless of the medium they use. This means breaking down the barriers between traditional TV and OTT video.

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In recent years we have seen a real change: traditional broadcasting services are gradually moving towards OTT (Over The Top - via unmanaged Internet networks). This upheaval raises many questions, particularly about users' expectations and the challenges facing professionals in the sector. How can audiovisual actors anticipate this digital revolution?

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The e-learning: a star is shining

E-learning streaming platforms allow their trainers to reach a wider and international audience.

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OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence: the future for telecom operators

Since the digital revolution and the Cloud, telecom operators are facing new demands from consumers. In response, key issues emerge such as OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence. How to apprehend these new challenges? We bring you some answers.

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The new digital challenges of television channels in 2018

Adapt to profound changes in the way programs are consumed, manage unequal power relations with telecom operators, or retain and grow audience: television channels have significant challenges to take up this year.

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