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3 New content consumption trends: binge-watching, mobile streaming and personalization

In an increasingly connected and digital world, content consumption habits have evolved considerably.

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5 effective streaming content ideas for businesses!

Streaming platforms have become an important part of consumers' daily lives, offering a variety of video and audio content for every taste. Movies, series, cooking recipes, training courses and more.

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The emergence of local content on OTT platforms

The growth of this type of content reflects a global trend toward diversity and cultural representation.

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OTT platforms, a boost for your content strategy!

Streaming platforms are experiencing exponential success and they do not intend to stop there.

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OTT: top 5 trends for 2023

The number of people turning to OTT services for entertainment, news, education or even exercise is rising at a rapid pace. Users of OTT platforms are expected to be nearly...

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The advent of self-broadcasting in the sports world thanks to OTT

In the second half of 2020, the proportion of French people who subscribed to at least one SVOD service passed the 50% mark (52.7%).

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OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence: the future for telecom operators

Since the digital revolution and the Cloud, telecom operators are facing new demands from consumers. In response, key topics are emerging such as OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence.

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The new digital challenges of television channels in 2020

Adapting to profound changes in the way programs are consumed, managing the unequal balance of power with telecoms operators, or retaining and growing their audience: TV channels are facing major...

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Streaming video: AVOD takes its revenge

In the overloaded streaming landscape, dominated by subscription-based pay-per-view (SVOD) services like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon PrimeVideo, another model hasn't said its last word: AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand).

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OTT market in 2020: trends, growth levers...

Over the past five years, all areas of home entertainment spending have declined. Nevertheless, online video is a segment of the industry that is exploding!

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