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Distribute your content internationally with the new Multi-country feature

Kinow is pleased to introduce the new Multi-country feature, an essential parameter to broadcast and manage your content internationally.

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SVEVID propels its streaming platform dedicated to the audiovisual heritage from countries in the ex-Yugoslavian region with Kinow

Mohikanac Production brings together film professionals, enthusiasts and visionaries around cinematic stories. The company launches SVEVID, the first video-on-demand platform dedicated to the promotion of the audiovisual heritage of the...

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Les Mutins de Pangée chose Kinow to modernize its committed and cooperative VOD platform

Les Mutins de Pangée is launching a new version of its platform entirely dedicated to documentaries and films by committed filmmakers: Ciné Mutins.

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How to launch your video platform? Overview and Kinow solutions to shake up the market!

Nowadays, video platforms are more than ever at the heart of all discussions. In the entertainment industry, every player is looking to offer new content, new experiences to viewers... in...

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What are the advantages of a corporate video platform?

Today, companies around the world use video as a marketing and communication tool. More and more used in internal communication, video allows to share important and adapted messages to employees.

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