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Which social media strategy for a streaming platform?

If you want to communicate on social networks about your streaming platform, this article will give you some keys that will help you organize yourself and establish a social media...

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The SVOD market: leader VS challenger...who will stand out?

Nowadays, in France, digital devices are increasingly present in homes: each home has an average of 6 to 7 screens. On the web, video has become so important and occupies...

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Prepayment feature

Kinow’s solution offers various means of monetization for your different business models (SVOD, TVOD and AVOD). In addition to direct payment by bank card (such as Stripe, SecurionPay, Paypal or...

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3 different ways to increase your video sales thanks to social medias!

I’m quite sure you have multiple social networks and at least a blog. Find out 3 easy different ways to develop your video sales by utilizing social media.

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