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The Cinémathèque des Réalisateurs chooses Kinow to propel its video-on-demand platform

LaCinetek is dedicated to the broadcasting of the cinematographic heritage, with a rich catalogue of more than 950 films selected and presented by filmmakers from all over the world.

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How to write an engaging blog article that generates traffic

If you want to start blogging as a video professional, this article will give you some keys to help you write catchy and engaging articles that will generate traffic to...

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The SVOD market: leader VS challenger...who will stand out?

Nowadays, in France, digital devices are increasingly present in homes: each home has an average of 6 to 7 screens. On the web, video has become so important and occupies...

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How to anticipate and reduce the churn rate

It is often easy to acquire new customers on your Video platform. But the same cannot be said by actors in this sector about keeping and retaining them.

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VOD: rise of kids channels

The advent of OTT and on-demand technology, combined with the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, means that the way children access and interact with content has changed.

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