15 keys to acquire and retain users


In the video industry it can sometimes be difficult to develop your user and subscriber base and sometimes even harder to keep them. In this article you will find practical advice on how to acquire new users and retain existing ones.

A. The acquisition

Acquisition is the process of developing your user base using marketing and sales techniques, some of which are described below.

Invest in the ergonomics and UX of the site

Optimize the use of your site, make it intuitive and easy to use. Avoid page loading bugs and computer errors (e. g. 404 error) as much as possible. Improve the visual, graphic and design aspect of your site to attract the eye. Just as Sephora attracts its customers with the Fragrance that you can feel a few meters away when you get close, the UX design of a site should make users want to discover it.

A responsive site is essential to provide an optimal reading and navigation experience for the user regardless of the range of devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers).

Applications for mobile or smart TV represent a big investment but they remain interesting channels to acquire new users.

For more information on how to design a site, see our dedicated article.

Bet on a solid content marketing strategy

The aim here is to publish engaging content and bring a community together around topics that may be of interest to them. By doing this, you are sure to turn your readers into customers.

Communicate on new content, on your market, on news, festivals, or new features through blog articles.

Carry out "Community Management" using networks adapted to your activity, the image you want to convey and the audience you want to reach. Encourage your community to react to your posts and share them.

Set up an alert on competitors' pages to follow their own communication strategy and adapt accordingly.

This content also helps to improve your natural referencing on search engines.

Think about referencing

Referencing allows you to be in a better position when an Internet user performs a search on the Internet. This is what generates traffic on your site.

Natural referencing

Or SEO: keep an eye on the keywords of your market, use them on your site, on the different contents you publish. Update the titles, tags, metadata of your site.

Paid referencing

Or SEA : associated with your natural referencing, paid referencing allows a fast visibility of your site and a real-time control of your ad and your budget.

Be prepared to invest in paid advertising

The goal here is clearly to allocate an advertising budget to acquire your users.


Organize games contests with prizes that encourage Internet users to share your brand with their own network.

You can also set up display campaigns. These are graphic advertising formats such as banners and videos.

Traditional advertising

You can use traditional media such as television, print media or commercial posters to attract prospects who could become users of your video platform.

A presence as a sponsor in certain events related to your activity will help to evangelize your brand.

It is therefore important to establish solid relationships with the specialized press and influencers in your field to maximize your visibility.

Maintain your relationships

Press: according to its target audience, target newspapers with the right audience, TV shows, press releases...

Influencer: Possibility to exchange links, guest blogging, sponsored articles, partnerships, advertisements, competitions, etc.

Blogger: articles, link insertion in do-follow

Partnerships (depending your target):

  • Institutional (CNC (only in France), cultural centers, libraries, city halls...)
  • Festivals (national, international...)
  • Editorials (cinema schools...)
  • Private establishments (hotels, tourist centers, airlines...)
  • Public establishments (hospitals, tourist offices...)

Participate in fairs

Your presence at fairs, cultural events or conferences can help you to better talk about your business and therefore acquire new subscribers.

This type of events allows you to meet your users physically, to exchange with them. This will also allow you to know what you are doing well and identify ways to improve your service.

Identify the key moments in your market

Depending on the high periods of your sector, do not hesitate to make promotional offers to convert the most reluctant visitors to take the step. In general, these are the periods when people are most likely to watch streaming programs, such as Christmas, sales, holidays or festivals related to your platform.

Take this opportunity to create traffic on your site and expand your customer base.

B. Loyalty

Establishing a loyalty strategy will help you retain your customers. This strategy will keep them attentive to what you do and what you publish. It will also increase their satisfaction.

Several tools and methods will help you build loyalty. Here are some of them:


You can send several types of emails for different reasons:

Welcome email: "Customer Onboarding Strategy" to reassure people about the benefits of the service and to provide them with the necessary information about how to use the site.

Newsletter sent at a certain frequency: this newsletter can contain a sponsorship offer, satisfaction survey, upgrade offer (e.g. after 3-6 months of monthly subscription push an annual subscription...), articles, features or video content to discover.

Re-engagement email: when the users has not logged in or watched videos for a while, it is appropriate to inform them about content that may be of value to them or to remind them of the advantages they enjoy through their offer.

Anti-churn email: when the user's subscription expires or their payment information (credit card) has expired to encourage them to renew their subscription.


You can also create a section of the most frequently asked questions on your website to enrich the user's knowledge and so that he can find the answers to his questions himself without having to contact the company.

User feedback

Set up a user evaluation system on your application or website. First, because users refer to the opinions of other users. The second reason is that it shows that you are interested in what they think, which will allow them to feel included in your project and will strengthen the sense of belonging to a community.


Create pop-up windows on your site and applications to alert your users as soon as there are new features on your site and why not a chatbot to anticipate user frustration.


Gamification gives a playful aspect to the use of the service and encourages the user to interact as much as possible with the platform in order to compare himself with other users or to unlock bonuses (avatar, functionality, hidden content, discount, gift...).

Earn points for each important action so that your users become engaged users and feel they have some gain from using your platform.

Any type of action can give rise to a point allocation: when they rate a film, when they leave an opinion or when they reach a certain number of screenings.


Sponsorship is an excellent mechanism for your users to talk about your service to their loved ones and become your ambassadors. If one of your users brings you a new customer via the sponsorship mechanism, they will both be able to benefit from a reward, in the form of a discount or a gift. It is up to you to decide whether the compensation will be the same for the sponsor and the sponsored person.

Content recommendation

Facilitating the discovery of your catalogue to your users is essential to build their loyalty and avoid a gradual loss of interest in your service. First, think about associating similar videos in your catalog so that your subscribers can switch from one video to another easily: "Did you like this video? Then you will also like…”.

In addition to this manual recommendation, intelligent recommendation engines exist and will allow us to offer personalized content based on the preferences, views and ratings of each user.

A content suggestion based on the videos most watched by all your users over a recent period also helps to highlight the content for which your users come and stay on your platform.


Organize preview screenings for its users (in the open air or in cultural centers...)

This non-exhaustive list highlights the many possibilities available to you to develop your user base. Clearly define your acquisition and retention objectives and, based on these objectives, develop a strategy that will ensure the success of your platform. Not to mention that some actions and acquisition tools can also work for loyalty and vice versa.

Kinow offers all the essential features to help you acquire and retain your users more efficiently. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration of our solution or an audit of your platform by our team of experts.