3 different ways to increase your video sales thanks to social medias!


I’m quite sure you have multiple social networks and at least a blog. Find out 3 easy different ways to develop your video sales by utilizing social media.

1. Set up flash sales: share limited reduction coupons with your fans on Facebook

  • Create reductions for special events. For example : a promotional code on a romantic movie for Valentine’s day or a reduction on several product catalogs for the sales period to your Facebook fans.
Offre coupon réduction Kaemo

  • You can also draw your fans attention on older videos with flash discount : a promotional coupon with a code available for a very short time

This will boost your customer conversion rate and the sales for several weeks.

2. Use YouTube annotations: create connections from videos that are posted on your Youtube channel to your VOD/ sVOD platform

  • Remember to create a link between a movie trailer posted on your Youtube channel and the URL of the video you are selling on your website. This will help to increase your fan base. Moreover, if you choose to redirect them towards the selling VOD page, it will increase significantly your conversion rate
  • Thanks to the annotations, you can add a text balloon/ notification within the video player : highlight flash sales or promotional codes with catchy titles. Here again, be sure to put links to your website or to the selling page of the product.
  • And finally : always indicate the website URL of your VOD plateform in the description of your Youtube video

You can have a look at the example:

YouTube annotations Kaemo

If you are wondering how to put the annotations on your YouTube channel, follow the link : YouTube support for annotations

3. Share maximum of videos on your different social medias

According to a study by Cisco, by the year 2019, about one million of videos will be shared every second. Video should represent 80% of all the public internet traffic, compared with 64% in 2014.

So share your videos on all your social medias : teasers and trailers with a link to the relevant product purchasing page !

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