3 New content consumption trends: binge-watching, mobile streaming and personalization


In an increasingly connected and digital world, content consumption habits have evolved considerably.

Today's consumers have access to a multitude of streaming platforms and online entertainment services, giving rise to new trends in content consumption. These include three major phenomena: binge-watching, mobile streaming and personalization.

What is binge-watching?

Binge-watching is now a widespread practice for many content consumers. It involves watching several episodes or seasons of a TV series in a single session, or even over a whole night. This trend is made possible by the emergence of streaming platforms, which make an entire season available as soon as it is released. Viewers thus enjoy an addictive experience, immersing themselves completely in the world of a series and discovering the story without interruption.

According to " The State of Online Video 2020 " report published by Limelight Networks, an American company specializing in content hosting, 40.4% of respondents said they had already binge-watched for 1 to 3 hours at a time. Binge-watching peaks between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., with a significant increase in the number of video streams.

This trend is also having an impact on the way series are produced, with more frequent cliffhangers and episodes designed to maintain the audience's attention throughout a season. The binge-watching craze and its impact on viewing habits are undeniable.

What is mobile streaming?

Mobile streaming refers to the delivery of audio or video content in real time to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Thanks to technological advances and improved mobile networks, users can now access their favourite content wherever they happen to be on public transport, while traveling, or simply in their living room. Streaming platforms have adapted their offerings to meet this growing demand, offering user-friendly mobile applications and multi-device compatibility. Consumers can enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted experience, even when switching from one device to another.

Additionally, mobile streaming platforms offer a vast library of content, from movies and series to podcasts, music, and games. This gives users unlimited choice to satisfy their entertainment needs.

Mobile streaming platforms have also introduced new business models such as monthly and yearly subscriptions, providing access to a vast library of content at an affordable price.

What do we mean by personalization?

Personalization has become a key element in content consumption. Streaming platforms use sophisticated algorithms to analyze each user's preferences based on their viewing, listening, or browsing history, as well as the demographics and similar consumption habits of other users.

This personalization manifests itself at various levels, whether through series and film suggestions, music playlists based on users' tastes, or features for creating personalized profiles. Users thus benefit from a unique viewing experience, with content that matches their specific interests.

Furthermore, streaming services allow users to personalize their experience by modifying the layout of their interface, creating personalized playlists, choosing language and subtitle preferences, and using other similar features.

Streaming services also use personalization to deliver targeted advertising. These are tailored according to interests deduced from consumption data and user profiles. Consumers should be aware of how their data is used and have the possibility to control the information shared with streaming services.

In the light of the above, these new content consumption trends have turned the entertainment industry on its head and transformed the way viewers interact with content. Binge-watching has led to increased demand for quality series and an evolution in the way they are produced. Mobile streaming, meanwhile, has enabled users to enjoy their favourite content anywhere, and personalization has offered a more tailored experience.

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