6 ideas to stimulate your VOD / sVOD sales during holidays !


Did you know that holidays are very appropriate to increase your video sales online? Here find 7 ideas that you can easily set up to stimulate sales during your vacation.

We are at the beginning of the summer season, we want to give you some tips that you can use to attract new customers with an effective strategy to grow your sales during this period. But how does it work when you sell VOD / SVOD?

1) Thank your biggest fans

Emailing is a very good marketing tool to thank your most loyal customers and to wish them good holidays ! Write a short and simple message ! You can also send them an exclusive promotional code for the holidays that they can send to their friends, family or colleagues. Whether it's a promotional code on a video or a discount on a monthly subscription, do not forget to create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers to increase the conversion rates.

A study carried out by Creatests for club-reduc.com shows that promotional codes are an effective entry point to encourage web surfers to buy. We noticed that 94% of Internet users have a positive image of the promotional code : they have the feeling to do a good deal and that it is an economic alternative solution.

Code reduction Kaemo VOD


2) Try the 1€ video

Be innovative regarding prices : provide a very low price on limited period of time. You can try a 1€ video selling price on August for example. You can propose this price on the videos from a catalog category or on every video of your platform

3) Offer a special holiday package

The launch of a new video package with bonus files on holiday period can be a very effective lever to increase your turnover. As an example : sell a video and add a bonus soundtrack with it or a video tutorial with its text format transcription, that your customer can keep.

If you want to link a bonus file to a video, simply go to the « catalog » menu of your dashboard and in the « product » section. From there, click on the « bonus » tab and you will be able to link a bonus directly or create a new one immediately.

Bonus videos files Kaemo

Do not forget that a limited time offer is always an advantage to increase your sales ! If you want to give it a try and see the impact on the turnover, this is a great opportunity !

4) Choose your images carefully

To highlight your social networks and your blog, an effective method is to select some images/pictures corresponding to holidays. This will draw attention, especially if you propose a new commercial offer on this period. Check that the buttons redirecting to your social networks are accessible and visible on your website!

5) Turn your occasional customers into subscribers

During sales period, remember to use your emailing marketing tool to relay offers on your subscriptions. This method applies specifically to one-time customers that you’d like to convert in monthly subscribers by offering them a free trial on your subscription plan.
Free offers can pay off in the long term because they give you visibility and generate word-of-mouth. Be bold !

6) Track your sales progression

With all those marketing advices, your holidays should bring you lots of sales.
You now have to check how your customers proceed to purchase. The administration panel of Kinow gives you lots of information regarding sales that have been completed so that you can make the right decisions.

Statistics videos sales Kaemo

You can also add Google Analytics to your platfom for a deeper dive of your website and follow the Key Performance Indicators to maximize your conversion rate.