8 ideas to boost your VOD/SVOD sales during Christmas holidays!


Did you know that vacation periods are very conducive to increasing your online video sales?

The Christmas vacations are fast approaching, this special period is not to be put aside. We are going to give you some tips that will allow you to get new customers with an adapted marketing strategy and transform this vacation period into an effective customer acquisition lever.

Here are 8 ideas that you can easily implement to boost your sales during the Christmas period:

1) Thank your biggest fans

Emailing is a very good tool to thank your most loyal customers and to wish them happy vacations. Send a simple and concise message! Also take advantage of this opportunity to send them an exclusive promotional code for holidays that they can share with their loved ones.

Whether it's a promotional code on a video or a discount on a monthly subscription, don't forget to create a sense of urgency with limited time offers to increase your conversion rate.

2) Try the 1€ video

The 1€ video can be an innovative pricing strategy: offer a very low price for a limited time! You can experiment with a 1€ price during the month of December, either on all the videos of a category in your catalog or on all the videos of your platform.

3) Offer a limited trial period

If you have a catalog that offers subscriptions for rent and not for sale, the trial period is a great asset to make its content known. The renowned Netflix platform has decided to eliminate its free trial period because it was valid all year round and for a period of 30 days. As a result, many Internet users were creating several accounts to avoid switching to a paid subscription.The advantage here is to limit this period by offering for example one or two weeks during the Christmas vacations. This is an opportunity to share your videos with as many people as possible in a controlled way.

4) Offer a special holiday package

Launching a new video package with holiday bonuses can be a great way to boost your sales. For example: you just can sell a video and add as a bonus its soundtrack or a video tutorial and its transcription in the offered text format that your customer will be able to keep.

If you want to link a bonus file to a video, simply go to the "catalog" menu in your dashboard, under "product". From there, click on the "Bonus" tab and you will be able to link a bonus file or create one immediately.

Bonus files feature on:

Bonus videos files Kaemo

Think about setting up the special vacation package for a limited time, it's an effective way to increase your sales. Don't hesitate to carry out tests to see the impact on your turnover.

5) Choose your images carefully

To highlight your social networks and your blog, an efficient method is to select a few images corresponding to the vacation period in question. This will help to draw attention, especially if you are proposing a new commercial offer for this period. Make sure that the buttons redirecting to your social networks are visible and easy to find on your website!

6) A subscription as a gift

If you offer gift cards, now is the time to talk about it! Every year we have to reinvent ourselves to find original ideas for our loved ones. Offering a subscription in the form of a gift card is an atypical gift, and an opportunity to discover new content.The possibility to offer a subscription is more and more present on streaming platforms, it is the case of two platforms powered by Kinow:

LaCinetek, a streaming platform broadcasting the greatest movies of the 20th century:

Lacinetek subscriptions offers

You have the choice to offer movies or a Cinépass, or offer a subscription to the Selection of the Month. And here is CinéMutins, a committed and cooperative VOD platform:

Cinemutins subscription offers

It is possible to offer a card of 5, 10 or 20 films to the person of your choice.

7)Convert your one-time customers into subscribers

During the sales period, use your emailing tool to relay offers on your subscriptions. This method is particularly applicable to one-time customers that you want to convert to monthly subscribers by offering them a free trial period on your subscription package. Free offers can really be profitable in the long term since they give you visibility and make people talk about you. They are an incentive for the customer!

8) Follow the progression of your sales

With this set of marketing tips, vacations should make you win sales! Follow your customers consumption patterns carefully. Kinow's statistical features give you a lot of information about the sales made so that you can take the right strategic decisions right away.

Statistical functionality of the platform:

Statistics videos sales Kaemo

Thanks to the statistics tool you can, for example, identify which videos sell best. Highlight your best sellers on your website to attract prospects or make targeted advertising on Facebook. You can also send an emailing promoting this video to customers who would have ordered only once on your platform: this is an effective way to increase your retention rate.You can also add Google Analytics to your platform in order to make a more in-depth study of your site and track key KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to maximize your conversion rate.

If you have a project to create a streaming platform, or if you want to know more about the functionalities of our solution, please contact us.