8 keys for a successful SEO strategy of your VOD platform


The Search Engine Optimization or the natural referencing aims to improve your search engine positioning (Google, Bing or Orange…) in order to increase the visibility of your website and consequently its traffic.

According to Orixa Media, « 75% of people never go beyond the first page of search engines to look for informations when purchasing », that’s why it is essential to have a SEO strategy for your video on demand platform.

1) Write contents

To sell VOD, it is really important to add new content on your e-commerce shop on a regular basis with new videos and text to improve your SEO. Think about creating detailed notes for each one of your video product offered for sale (video summary, image and price). Depending on the type of video you offer, it could be interesting to write something about the filmmaker, an actor or a biography of the film author. Adding some content related to the products and services that you are selling allows to give some value to users and to improve the ranking on search engines.

2) Use the right keywords

When you write, it is essential to concentrate on the reader’s needs but you should not overlook the keywords directly linked to your activity.
The keywords you should spread in your contents are the one regularly used by your target and they must position themselves on the ranking pages.

First of all, brainstorm with your co-workers:

  • Think of a list of keywords they will type on the search engines to obtain the kind of videos you offer on your website
  • Identify a list of specific terms used related to your video website activity
  • Search for synonyms
  • Ask your customers for a list of words they might have used to look for your videos
  • Look at the keywords used by competing VOD platforms

To shorten your list, we give you some keywords suggestion tools that you can use: Ubersuggest or keywords generators like SEMrush or Google Adwords.

Choosing the most suitables keywords is necessary to optimize your pages.

3) Avoid duplicate content and consider internal linking

Be careful not to propose duplicate content, it is the enemy of search engines. It is recommended that each page has only one pointing domain and a unique URL. Always be a source of new proposals, bring fresh and unique content which will interest your target audience.

In addition to facilitating the navigation of the Internet user, the internal linking allows search engines to better understand the content of your site. Working on it is an excellent way to improve your positioning in search results. This can be done at the breadcrumb level, put links between pages or even create cross-referenced articles at the blog level.

4) Optimize the referencing of your pictures and videos

The research of images and videos in search engines is increasingly used by internet surfers when purchasing goods online and has a traffic that should not be ignored.
Indeed, don’t forget to name your images and videos: do not call them « IMG2016.jpg » or « MOVIE2016.mpeg4 ». It is exactly here that you should automatically insert your main keyword.
For that Google properly interprets your images and videos remember to indicate only 3 to 5 keywords maximum separated by dashes (-), do not paste the words, do not use capital letters, accents or special characters.

Whether it is for an image or a video, find an optimized title with keywords and write a good description. Find out the « alt » attribute for images on your VOD platform and think about the subtitles of your videos.

Good to know: every graphic element has an « alt » attribute, it is an obligation in HTML language. The required alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image if the image cannot be displayed.

5) Optimize your Meta descriptions

The Meta title and Meta description are 2 factors that can have a significant influence on the user that has to choose between the different results proposed by search engines. You need to fulfill your Meta descriptions to get some clicks; the higher your click rate is and the higher the natural referencing of your website will be.

Many people believe that it is normal to put the same Meta description on each of their pages but it is an SEO mistake. You should avoid content duplication and particularly Meta to be found by the potential users of your VOD platform. They have to be unique.

Backlinks on your website pages are taken into account by Google.

Why does Google likes backlinks? Because it considers incoming links like a recommendation and allows to move up in the search engines ranks.

The question is: How to get backlinks? You need to make relevant links exchange with you customers, suppliers, write content like blog posts or sent press releases for a specific event.

Good to know: A quality link weighs more than a careful article for which you will choose long tail keywords and that you will share on social networks.

7) Optimize your anchors texts

Rather than using the classic link « Click here » or « To find out more », insert your link on the text including the keywords for which the linked page should be referenced. For example, instead of writing « Click here to discover our Kinow specifications », you can write « Discover the specifications made by Kinow ». Do not hesitate to use the MajesticSEO tool, measuring the quality of a link.

8) Be active on social networks

Always think about sharing content on social networks. Having a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Google + page, a YouTube channel or a LinkedIn page for example can bring a real added value, especially if your competitors are not really active.
A film release? A new tutorial? A promotion on your video catalog? Think about talking and spreading the words about those events. This will have a strong effect on your final ranking on Google or Bing as an example. You need to have quality posts, be regular with links redirecting to the relevant web page.

Which social media strategy for a streaming platform?

You are now ready to set up an effective SEO strategy for your VOD platform, let’s start !

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