Temporary reductions and sales, multi-user and improved HLS support


Discover our latest updates and features available on our VOD plateform, edited by Kinow.

Create the buzz with time-limited sales!

Probably one of the best ways to create the buzz around videos, series and tutorials is to make them available to your public on limited periods of time. Concretely, this new tool allow you to put a start and finish date on the products that are sold on your VOD platform. Outside these dates, you can either hide or make the product visible for your customers. What better way to do teasing ?

To find this feature : go to the «catalog »,click on a product file, then  click« access ».

Offer a streaming quality video experience!

For even more features, your customers can now choose the viewing quality during a streaming experience.

The HLS module has been improved for smartphones and tablet PCs to automatically adapt to the speed of your internet network. Whether they are connected in 3G, ADSL or optical-fibre ; your customers can now watch your videos smoothly from anywhere.

Add employees/ members to your project :

Your producer would like to view your montly sales ? You would like to split the tasks of your employees and restrict their access rights in some parts of the administration panel? Want to give to one of your employee the access in the administration of your VOD platform in order for him/her to add, change, or delete content ?

You can now manage your platform as desired and create different users accounts to decide the role and action levels of each members.

To access to these new functionalities: go to « Shop settings » and « Administrators ».

Increase your sales by offering "flash discount" on your catalog! 

This new tool will allow you to implement temporary reductions on your entire catalog or on specific product categories. The catalog discount is an excellent idea to boost your sales and can attract even more new customers.  All you need to do is to choose the duration and the price reduction!

Moreover, don't forget to use the shopping basket rules to create discount coupons. Share your coupons with your fans on social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+… If a blog published an article on your movie or serie, contact the features editor and ask him/her to share your discount coupon to its readers ! Making yourself visible is key to the success of your platform

To find this tool: go to the « marketing » category, « catalog rules » and « Actions » tab.