Bee propelled by Kinow, the turnkey OTT SaaS solution


Who to trust? This might be your question if you are looking for a VOD solution to launch a streaming platform.

Since January 2022, Kinow teams have joined the Alpha Networks Group. Our goal? Propose complete and proven VOD solutions, whatever your size and sector. The Tucano Business Unit focuses on on-premise and cloud solutions rather dedicated to large operators, media companies and broadcasters. The Kinow Business Unit proposes a ready-to-use SaaS solution, ideal for content producers and distributors, as well as small and medium-sized media companies: Bee propelled by Kinow. Today we will explain how to save time, money, and gain market shares with our SaaS solution.

Create a streaming platform quickly and easily

SaaS advantages

What are your main expectations? If you need to launch a streaming offer in record time, and as simply as possible, Bee propelled by Kinow is the right solution for you. Indeed, thanks to our SaaS solution, you will benefit from an extremely fast deployment time. The time to market is very short which will allow you to better compete and gain market shares. This is a real competitive advantage. You will also benefit from an incredible user experience to manage your platform: connection is possible from anywhere in the world. The solution is also very user-friendly: infrastructure, storage, data backup and maintenance are managed by our teams; and the back-office (administration panel) is intuitive. Bee propelled by Kinow is also totally interoperable: an API system allows you to connect the solution to other softwares. Moreover, by using our solution, you will benefit from all our product innovations. These are automatically available to all our customers, as soon as they are launched. Finally, as deployment is fast and many costs are included in the license, it will be easier for you to control your budget.

Bee propelled by Kinow features

There are many advantages in using a SaaS solution, but, it is our features that make all the difference. With Bee propelled by Kinow, you first have the possibility to create native applications for all screens (web, mobile, tablet, smart TV, etc.). You can then organize live streams or propose your videos on-demand. We provide you with a global and secure cloud infrastructure, and an intuitive video player to ensure an optimal viewing experience. With our integrated CMS, you can also organize your catalog and offer personalized recommendations. In parallel, you can choose between different monetization strategies: subscription, pay-per-view or advertising. Finally, we provide a CRM and an entire analytics section so that you can easily manage your users and make the right business and marketing decisions.

Stand out in your sector, expand internationally

A multi-sector expertise

Bee propelled by Kinow is a proven solution. We have contributed to the launch of many projects in various industries. Among them: sports, events, and corporate sectors. For example, we are helping the French National Volleyball League (LNV) in the redesign of its LNVtv platform. We are working with them to create a strong fan experience around match broadcasting. We are also collaborating with the trade show Maison&Objet (RX Group). Together we have developed a unique platform (Maison&Objet Academy) to prolong the experience of the show, notably through exclusive content available all year long, via streaming. As for the corporate industry, several entities use our solution to reinforce their corporate strategy. For example, Brault & Bouthillier has developed a platform to optimize its sales cycle and support some aspects of its human resources strategy (BBPÉDAGO). For its part, Decathlon relies on us to transform its Decathlon E CLUB platform. Their goal is to offer a complete online sports class experience, "from equipment to practice". We have just highlighted a few key sectors, but we work with very different organizations: media (Reworld Media), content producers and distributors (Mediawan, LaCinetek), academies (Académie des César), festivals (Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy), live shows (Château de Versailles Spectacles), etc. Today, more and more companies are turning to streaming. With the right partner, you can respond to new usages, whatever your sector.

Many international deployments

Our expertise is not only limited to the streaming industry knowhow, as it has now crossed European boundaries. Indeed, we can support you whatever countries you are targeting. We have already deployed platforms in Europe, North America, South America, North Africa, etc. Some of our customers choose to launch on a specific market. For instance Good Fellows (AFLAMIN platform) and CHRYSALIS FILMS (Play Atlas VOD service) on the Moroccan market. Others use our solution to develop their service internationally. For example, Tënk has launched in Europe and Canada, and Guayaba offers its content all over the world. Whether you need to develop an interface in Arabic (with right-to-left reading), provide prices in different currencies, integrate local payment systems via our universal payment connector, etc., we have all the flexibility and experience to support you in your project. So, ready to conquer your market?

Choosing a VOD solution is an important step. It is essential to list your needs and to select a solution that will meet all your expectations. With Bee propelled by Kinow solution, take advantage of all the SaaS benefits, leverage our advanced features and use all our experience to build the streaming offer that your audience is waiting for. If you want to know more about our solution, our projects, or if you want to start discussing with our experts, contact us.