Benefits of choosing SaaS for your business


Many growing companies opt for a SaaS-based software instead of a custom-built solution. With good reason: there are plenty of benefits to choose a Software as a Service. It saves you a lot of time, money and valuable energy.

You know one thing: you have decided to launch your own video-on-demand platform. But at this point, you hesitate between subscribing to a Software As A Service or developing your own platform from scratch.

Or perhaps, you already own a specific software, developed by yourself or entrusted to a web agency, and even if you’re happy with it, you’re always looking for cost or features optimization.

This article helps you discover the main advantages of outsourcing your solution to experts! Here is a focus on three recurring themes: IT infrastructure, costs and user experience.

Gentle definition reminder

A Software As A Service, also called “on-demand software” refers to a cloud based solution offered on a subscription basis. The solution is delivered pre-built, ready to deploy. No hardware and software management to think up. You’ll only need an internet connection and a browser to access the application.

A streamlined, secure and reliable infrastructure

The first obvious benefit for any business, is not having to deal with the IT infrastructure. The infrastructure, storage and backup are managed by the provider. You also do not have to worry about managing updates and patches since the software is constantly evolving and improving.

A second considerable asset is the instantaneity. A SaaS is delivered turnkey, ready to be used. It is a great competitive advantage for those who wish to catch up the competition instantly.

Indeed, the SaaS solution is expert in its field, it already has all the essential functionalities to answer the needs of its market. The software evolves very quickly thanks to a dedicated team that regularly add new features that customers benefit from progressively.

That's not all! SaaS providers also secure their customers' data with automatic updates and data recovery, so you will be able to focus on what matters the most to you, your business.

Beneficial costs reduction

At first glance, opting for a SaaS may seem like a significant investment given the monthly subscription rate. However, on a long-run, the subscription is proven to be cheaper than a software developed from scratch because it will not require an investment to amortize.

By choosing a SaaS service provider, you’ll benefit of reduced costs coming from the installation, maintenance and upgrade of the IT infrastructure.

You will be able to manage your technical budget because, unlike an in-house development, the following costs are included in SaaS packages:

  • - Wages
  • - IT Development
  • - Maintenance
  • - Integration
  • - Personalization
  • - IT Infrastructure
  • - License fee

Tonjé Bakang, Afrostream’s CEO, recently shared his feedback after the bankruptcy of his start-up, well known in the VOD market, which saw its development budget dramatically increase.

"The budget for VOD content does not include the budget to develop the streaming platform, server costs, application development for smartphones, tablet and phone operators. It is worth 500 000 €. » Tonjé Bakang

The scalability of these solutions gives you a certain flexibility. You will benefit from an offer tailored to your business needs with proportional rates.

An actual user experience

Thanks to the cloud servers, you will benefit from a true ubiquity. No more software licenses to copy for your employees, you can work from any device connected to the internet (computer, mobile, tablet), anywhere and at any time!

A problematic often raised, is the customization of the platform. Even if the SaaS software meets most needs for most companies, it’s not completely customizable. However, you can still ask for a quotation if you have a very specific demand.

In addition, providers are keenly aware of their customers' requests and thanks to regular customer feedback, they integrate the requests into their solution roadmaps.

If I am already equipped, what are the alternatives?

If you have developed your own software, in-house or via a web agency, two choices are available to you. You can choose to switch completely to SaaS and have your provider migrate all your existing data to your new software. Or you can decide to improve the existing by adding pre-built features from an external SaaS software to your own infrastructure.

In both cases, you will entrust your project to experts and benefit from lower costs.

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