Boost the sales of your VOD platform


The success of a video on demand platform depends on three essential factors: quality of the content, commercial positioning, and platform attendance.

Kinow offers the best tips in order to boost your sells and your visibility on the web.

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At what price shall I sell my videos?

Fix the right price

In order to optimize your transformation rate, it is important that the price of your videos are as close as possible to the real market. On average, a 60 minute video sells for 4.50€, a 90 minute video – 6.70€ and a 120 minute video – 9.00€. This represents an average minute price of 0.07€. The price may of course vary depending on the type of content, access mode (rent or download) and the video access time.

Educative content as a superior market value compared to entertainment. With the same duration, series, movies and short movies sell at a slightly lower price than e-learning, tutorial and sport coaching videos...

Final purchase or rent? Why choose?

Activate the two modes for your customers and leave them free to choose what suits them the best. A lower price for a shorter access duration or a higher price in order to watch videos freely.

Cheaper is better

Do not hesitate to offer promotional codes with limited use or duration to your customers which will give them discounts on their purchase. The more limited the duration or the number of uses of the code, the stronger your sales will be stimulated.

Offer a suited discount. A too important discount would depreciate your content whereas a too weak discount will not convince new customers to buy. Discounts of one third of the base price are more efficient on average.

Identify your star products

Your catalogue may contain several videos but it is important to bring forward a selection of star products, in order to direct your visitors who may get lost in front of a vast choice. Use the presentation slider to put forward your best videos and subscriptions.

Fans are fond of bonuses

Offer bonus content in addition to your videos. Bonus content can take several forms - cut scenes, interviews of the casting, rehearsals extracts, director comments, and more. Be creative by packaging all these unused minutes in several options for your fans! A very dedicated audience is ready to pay a little more for bonus videos.

Offer subtitles

Increase your transformation rate by offering subtitles in several languages. Your international audience is on average twice more likely to buy your video after visiting your website when subtitles are available in their language.

How to attract people on my website?

Develop your community

The community aspect is an essential element for the frequentation of your platform. Communicate with your fans through social networks and newsletters on a regular basis to inform them of the news on your platform and your contents.

Make sure to link your social networks to your platform to earn more visibility and incentivise your customers to share your work.

Do you need a mailing list? Offer free access videos for the people who subscribe to your platform and increase their eagerness for your content. Therefore, when you will offer a new video, you will have a whole community behind you.

You do not have content yet? Not a problem! Involve your community even before having videos and when they will be available, your fans will be ready to buy them.

Next releases, trailers, bonus, articles... The more your fans will be informed, the more they will be ready to buy your next videos.

Invest in commercial announcements on the social medias targeting an audience that you think would be interested in your videos.

Thanks to our feature permitting connection of your platform to Google Analytics, you can analyse your traffic, the behaviour of your visitors, and strengthen your main acquisition canals.

Nurture your trailer

Let people know of your work thanks to a trailer that you may transmit through social networks and your website and add a link to your product page.

Use YouTube to boost the number of your visitors. With the YouTube Cards feature, add a link to your shop directly from your free videos.

It's always better when it's free

Offer a free trial with a limited duration to your users so that they can discover your platform. The majority of people that have subscribed to a free trial will transform into paying customers afterwards.

Don't be scared to offer access to your customers to free content to stimulate your sales. It will increase the traffic on the platform. Counter piracy while giving a positive and human image to your work. Supply people with details on the work represented by realisation of your videos and offer free samples of your videos to your fans which would not have the funding necessary to buy your videos.

free content to appeal your VOD platform

Take every opportunity

Take advantage of important events gathering many people to promote your platform (interviews, exhibitions, festivals…). Organise live projections of your videos and give discount coupons to the participants to let them access to the digital version at an affordable cost. Offer special discounts during events linked to your videos and expand your customer base.

Develop partnerships and cooperation with people of your field. Speak about partners on your platform and they will do the same for you.

Finally, do not limit your videos to your country of residence. Broadcast them to the entire world to increase the number of your customers.

Download our tips sheet!

In short, make sure to have a lively platform and a devoted community and you will have all the chances to know success. You are now set to conquer the web and give wings to your VOD platform!