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The OTT Bee solution is also available for training! thus perfectly exploits the potential of Bee propelled by Kinow.

The SVOD platform presents training, tutorials, conferences and workshops around collaborative work and new work practices.

Zoom on this hybrid streaming platform that brings a breath of fresh air to the world of training.

An innovative online training platform for HR

La Fabrique du Changement, a transformation consulting agency, and Worklab, an organization specializing in collaborative work, have joined forces to create an innovative video platform for training, coaching and transformation in 2021:

This streaming platform offers educational capsules – webinars, interviews, workshops, trainings, tutorials – on individual and collective transformations in organizations. Personal ecology, entrepreneurship, creativity, management of emotions, cohesion, managerial quality of life are all themes explored through the videos and podcasts offered. is thus positioned as a reference educational platform for actors and promoters of change: companies with a positive impact, CSR / RSO missions, project facilitators, support professionals, teachers and generally speaking anyone working for the well-being of employees and managers and, more broadly, at the service of a positive transition in the world of work.

A hybrid SVOD & Freemium model

The platform is available as a website: the videos are available in HD quality on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Different subscription formulas, from 1 month to 1 year, are available to access the entire catalog, live and on streaming:

-   An individual formula, intended for individuals and companies.

-   A “Groups” formula adapted to large companies, administrations, and communities.

This SVOD model is evolving in parallel with Freemium access: some video and audio contents are indeed accessible for free, without the need to create an account. Conferences, tutorials, interviews, podcasts… This sample already gives a nice overview of the catalog.

The growing success of e-learning videos

Online training videos have become an essential tool for human resources stakeholders and training professionals. This format allows organizations (companies, administrations, communities, associations) to help their employees:

- To improve their well-being at work and promote collective harmony, like does.

- To improve their knowledge and build skills on specific topics.

83 % of French people prefer watching a video rather than reading an educational manual to acquire new knowledge and skills.

This enthusiasm for e-learning is first and foremost due to the attractiveness of the content: the lively, authentic, and playful format of a video appears more engaging than a long text or daunting slides.

The effectiveness of learning is also a strong point of the video. After reading a text, only 10 % of its content remains memorized after 3 days. With a video, people can memorize 65 % of the content!

“Better motivation, appropriation and memorization: video training is a great tool to help professionals grows at their own pace and deploy their full potential.
The content offered is designed to inspire people and get them to act.
Also, it is thought to improve collective time, work on the balance between personal and professional life, make organizations more fluid and joyful.
Thanks to the Bee solution and the entire Alpha Networks team, we were able to quickly deploy a B2B video platform to our image. We are satisfied to get support from a team who works in France  to put in place the improvements we need and the ideas that will flourish in the coming months.
To date, for this first version, the content is well highlighted, the video quality is there, our customers are delighted, and change is starting to take shape at the heart of organizations! "
Coline - project and development manager, La Fabrique du Changement

Create your own online training platform with Bee

Thanks to its intuitive interface, the OTT Solution Bee allows you to:

1. Easily take control of your platform to customize it to your image.

2. Add your catalog of coaching/training videos in replay, VOD, or live streaming to enrich your        
e- learning site.

3. Define your OTT model and monetization formula: subscription (SVOD), unit purchase (TVOD), permanent download (EST), free video content with advertisements (AVOD), sample of free videos (Freemium)….

4. Broadcast your e-learning platform on the screens of your choice: laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and consoles.

5. Deploy your training site nationally or internationally.

6. Track user statistics to know and engage your audience.

“We are convinced that the digitalization of training and coaching, synonymous with freedom and flexibility, represents the future of professional training. This trend has been revealed and accelerated with the crisis to explode today. However, creating an e-learning site discourages ambitious entrepreneurs. With Bee, we offer all actors of change a turnkey solution to easily create their own e-learning platform and focus on their core business: training.”
Pierre ANTOINE - Director of the Kinow Business Unit, Alpha Networks Group

Training agencies, trainers and independent coaches, Bee supports you in the distribution of your video content and in the success of your activity. Do not hesitate to contact our teams for more information on our OTT solution.

About La Fabrique du Changement :

La Fabrique du Changement is a consulting agency in the transformation of organizations and the design of useful and defining events. It was founded in 2014 by François Badénès with the aim of restoring meaning and common sense, by putting people at the heart of the issues.

As an entrepreneur, François has created several structures since 2002 and contributes to the emergence of several talent networks. For example, la Cantine Numérique de Nantes, le collectif les Artisans du Changement, le cluster des éditeurs du numérique français Eiffel Power. He is also very active in the networks of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS).