CinéMutins, the VOD platform for committed cinema


Initially specialized in audiovisual and cinematographic production and publishing, the Mutins de Pangée are now exploiting the full potential of VOD to broadcast committed cinema on a large scale.

A successful bet: the CinéMutins platform now has nearly 30,000 users. Let’s have a look back at this success story.

Behind CinéMutins: the irreducible Mutins de Pangée

Founded in 2005, the audiovisual and cinematographic production and publishing cooperative Les Mutins de Pangée brings together authors, filmmakers, editors, and technicians who share a common goal: to give a voice to subjects that are too often neglected by the traditional media.

As you can see, Les Mutins de Pangée is committed to producing and distributing documentary films with a critical and independent approach on political, social, and cultural issues.

From DVD to committed VOD

Les Mutins de Pangée started by making their own films from A to Z: from production to their theatrical distribution through DVD publishing.

The collective then progressively opened to the publishing of films of all authors on DVD to invite the film-loving public to discover unpublished or unseen works.

Finally, the team decided to extend their distribution mode to VOD: "Nothing better than the cinema to watch a film! Of course, the DVD is ok to keep it at hand and circulate it, but the VOD distribution allows us to be much more open-minded because we can increase the choice of movies made available".

CinéMutins, the VOD platform 100% committed

The first VOD platform was launched in 2014 on the website of the collective

Facing the growing success of this first version, Les Mutins de Pangée trusted Bee to modernize and outsource the platform.

This is how Ciné, the VOD platform entirely dedicated to films and documentaries by committed filmmakers, was born in 2020.

"Thanks to our turnkey solution, Les Mutins de Pangée were able to improve the readability of their catalog, offer a smoother user experience and better meet the expectations of the public. The results: the films gained visibility, and the new platform quickly found its audience."
Maël Bourhis, Product Manager Alpha Networks

CinéMutins has been a remarkable success, with nearly 30,000 users!

The debate and the reflection put in the honour in the VOD

The platform is dedicated to political and committed works, of heritage or recent. Films and documentaries that relate social history and struggles in all their forms (workers, peasants, anti-colonial, feminist, environmentalist...), that examine society, its ills, and inequalities. Historical or topical subjects aiming to arouse the public's curiosity, to provoke laughter and tears, debate and reflection.

Today, CinéMutins offers an exceptional and sometimes unpublished catalog of more than 650 titles, classified by type (history documentaries, fiction, animation films, recent film screenings) and by collection.

Thematic collections for all film-lover tastes

The collections include films and documentaries about:

  • Outstanding figures: filmmakers (such as René Vautier and Gilles Perret), emblematic authors, exceptional artists...
  • Current themes: the Web, war, politics, etc.
  • Timeless and "lighter" subjects like music, love stories, comedies...

And many other themes regularly updated to create a viewing path and arouse the curiosity of users.

A flexible VOD monetization model

CinéMutins offers different formulas to access on demand all the videos available in the catalog:

  • Buying a single video consists in downloading and watching the movie of your choice unlimited time. Prices vary between 6 and 12 € per video depending on the rights holders.
  • The rental allows, like a virtual video store, to rent a movie that will then remain available in streaming for 7 days. Films of less than an hour are offered at 3 € and feature films at 4 €.
  • Prepaid VOD cards allow you to buy or rent movies at a discounted rate.

The platform also allows you to offer a film to a friend or relative!

"Beyond the extremely advanced handling and customization of Bee, we were won over by the modularity of the solution. It allows us, on the one hand, to offer our films and documentaries for streaming and downloading, in a cooperative and ethical approach. On the other hand, it offers us the freedom to monetize the films through several flexible mechanisms. For us, this is one of the key features of the solution, which is also entirely adaptable, since it is perfectly possible to include a subscription offer in the future."
Brice Gravelle, Independent Director, and Co-founder of CinéMutins

This plurality of the forms of subscription allows to be in phase with the current offer of the VOD platforms and to answer at best the expectations of the user.

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