CoMÉT’, the SVOD platform dedicated to short films


Creating an SVOD platform dedicated to cinema? The Bee solution lends itself perfectly to this!

Today we are proud to highlight a special kind of “cinema” with the CoMÉT’ use case: short films.

The “Netflix of short films”

Launched at the start of the 2022 academic year, CoMÉT’ acts as a UFO in the audio-visual landscape. This French subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform offers a catalog composed solely of short films (films of less than an hour).

Created by Raymi Tancrez, a young man from Lille passionate about short films, CoMÉT’ aims to democratize this still little-known format and to bring together the most beautiful filmographic and documentary works in the field.

The platform already offers more than a hundred references from the short films Agency, large distributors and even film schools. Objective: to offer an eclectic catalog – funny, atypical, fantastic, horrifying, musical, educative, lively, moving films… – composed exclusively of quality works.

A tribute to short films  

Wouldn't short film represent the future of cinema? In a neurotic society of time, where quantity and speed are the law, we consume video like we eat: we gobble up the contents, binge-watch video programs, sometimes even accelerate the speed of reading, we gobble up until saturation, without chewing, without really tasting, until doing it repeatedly, but without ever taking the time to linger on the message. Do we have any cinematographic sensibility left, a minimum of expectation, hindsight, and a critical eye?

For the purists, the afficionados of the 7th art, and for all those who privilege quality over quantity: CoMET' is the perfect solution! The platform offers you to take a moment to admire an inspiring film or documentary work, bringing to life a pure emotion. Breathing, gasping, screaming, crying, laughing, reflecting, relativizing, changing your perception of the world... CoMET' transports you to a new dimension!

Bee propels CoMÉT’ into space!

With the OTT (Over the top) Bee solution, Raymi Tancrez was able to focus on its catalog and its offer.

“The BEE solution allowed me to move forward on a major project on my own, very quickly. Bee's support is attentive and responsive, which I also appreciate, and the template is easy to handle, making the design of a platform and its maintenance totally intuitive, even for a technical novice!”
Raymi Tancrez, founder of CoMÉT’

The catalog is available in full HD (High Definition) on all screens: go to online or download the CoMÉT’ app on iOS or Android.

In the SVOD logic, the short films are accessible by subscription, and without commitment:

- One shot: 2 days or 48 hours for €2, unlimited access.

- Monthly for €4.50, first week free and without commitment.

- Annual for 40 €, preferential rate.

The platform also offers a free film each month to promote the greatest masterpieces of short films. Raymi Tancrez remains convinced that there is an unknown audience for this type of format. All you must do is take the first step to discover a universe as vast as  fascinating.

For subscribers, movies are categorized in two ways:

- By duration (movies under 10 minutes, movies between 10 and 30 minutes, and movies over 30 minutes) to watch a movie according to the time available;

- By genre (action/adventure, animation, oddities, comedy, documentary, drama, emotion, experimental, fantasy, horror, youth, musical, animated poetry ...).

New films, of various genres, are selected and added each month by a team of enthusiasts.

And twice a month, the platform offers two new programs (a thematic program and a surprise program) to create your own festival at home!

Bee at your (streaming) service

“Raymi Tancrez has perfectly understood and exploited the potential of Bee to create, customize and launch his own SVOD platform, now comparable to the “Netflix of short films”. Our team is proud to have accompanied CoMET' in this journey.”
Pierre ANTOINE - Director of the Kinow Business Unit (Bee), Alpha Networks

Does this journey inspire you? Does this platform give you ideas? If, like Raymi Tancrez, you also want to create your own VOD streaming platform, the Bee team is at your service!