Create a streaming website in Morocco with Kinow: launch of AFLAMIN!


One of the biggest advantages of streaming? It has no borders. However, depending on the country or market you wish to tackle, your challenges and expectations may vary. So, how to adapt your streaming offer to country specificities?

Use Kinow streaming solution to address one or several target markets. Discover the beautiful story of the AFLAMIN platform, launched on the Moroccan market.

A platform for both Moroccan cinema and international independent cinema

AFLAMIN has been available since the end of December 2021. It was launched by Good Fellows, within the ALI'N Productions Group, a production company founded by the Moroccan filmmaker Nabil Ayouch. The platform proposes a streaming offer around Moroccan cinema and international independent cinema. It is based on a real vocation and two main objectives: highlight the Moroccan cinematographic heritage and offer the best of international auteur cinema to the Moroccan public thanks to movies that are sometimes totally unreleased and not proposed in movie theaters.

AFLAMIN is accessible by subscription (SVOD) or via a rental system (per unit - TVOD). Thus, users can subscribe for one, three or six months (without commitment), or choose to rent movies for 48 hours. Users can also offer a movie or a subscription to a relative.

Finally, AFLAMIN stands out by the implementation of recommendation systems. On the one hand, the site proposes a tab with the "most watched movies". Hence, users can base their choices on the movies that have been the most popular among the AFLAMIN community. The tab is easily accessible, directly from the platform top menu. At the same time, each time a person watches a movie, recommendations are displayed. These recommendations are created by the Good Fellows teams and can be based on a category, a director or a decade.

Kinow VOD solution to address the Moroccan market

If Kinow solution allowed the Good Fellows teams to create a unique offer, the main challenge of the project was to adapt to the Moroccan market specificities, especially regarding monetization. Thus, the first requirement was about payment methods: we had to propose payment solutions not only by credit card but also in cash (PayExpress). With the help of its Vantage Payment System (VPS) payment partner and thanks to Kinow universal payment connector (which allows the integration of local banking intermediaries on the platform), AFLAMIN customers can pay in a secure way, either by credit card or in cash. For the cash payment, concretely, users choose the PayExpress payment (subscription or recharge) on the platform and their purchase is placed "on hold" until they “materially” pay for it - in cash - in one of the 3000 physical points of CashPlus or Al Barid Bank, partners of VPS. On AFLAMIN, the PayExpress payment will be offered starting from February and for amounts above 100 DHS (about 10 euros).

The second major focus of our work for AFLAMIN was language. We had to go beyond translation and propose an adequate front-end interface. Therefore, we deployed an Arabic version of the template: the text is displayed in Arabic and reading (as well as navigation) is done from right to left. This development was implemented in record time. Thanks to this, the AFLAMIN streaming site is available in French and Arabic.

Our collaboration with the Good Fellows teams has been very rich and several new features should be available soon: for example the implementation of promotional codes. The AFLAMIN platform should also be soon available in other countries, and a project of mobile and smart TV applications is underway.

"Morocco needed a forum to showcase its Moroccan cinema. This has now been achieved! We thank the Kinow teams for their support. Their understanding of the project and the flexibility of the Kinow streaming solution allowed us to launch AFLAMIN on the Moroccan market in a very short period of time."
Kenza SAFOUANE - CEO at Good Fellows
"We are delighted to have contributed to the deployment of the first streaming platform dedicated to Moroccan cinema! We understand that project needs may vary, especially depending on the targeted country. Thanks to our solution available in French and Arabic, with an integration of the Moroccan payment system, we have made the AFLAMIN project a great success. Today we are celebrating its launch and we will continue to work alongside Good Fellows."
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

A streaming platform project is always about sharing a vision, an offer, contents, etc., to a given audience. Thanks to the Internet, you can address your project to people all around the world. However, some countries require some adaptations. At Alpha Networks, we attach high importance to international stakes. Kinow solution evolves every day so you can launch optimized platforms everywhere. If you are interested in learning more about the AFLAMIN case study or if you want to benefit from the advice of our Kinow experts, contact us.


AFLAMIN is the platform of Moroccan cinema. It is a VOD streaming platform that brings together Moroccan cinema and international auteur cinema. Launched in Morocco and soon all over the world, it offers a real cultural proposal and illustrates the cinematographic richness at both national (Morocco) and international levels.

It offers a diversified catalog: drama, comedy, cult movies, horror, documentaries, short movies, etc. The content is accessible by subscription or by unit (48h rental). Discover AFLAMIN.