Decathlon Training+: VOD service for online sports courses with Kinow


What if creating a streaming platform was the next step for your business development? What if it was the element that enabled you to stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty? Today we introduce our work with Decathlon.

You'll discover how streaming empowers the company  to offer a complete and unique customer experience, and how our VOD solution helps them optimize that streaming offer.

A streaming service to develop your business

Did you know it already? It was known as Decathlon E CLUB. It is now called Decathlon Training+. Hence, let's start with some introductions. This year, the Decathlon teams decided to work with us to transform their streaming platform and we are proud to announce the launch of Decathlon Training+. It is still an online sports courses website but the Decathlon teams are using this project to propose new content and to offer a totally optimized user experience (we'll get back to this second point a bit later). So, what is the new Decathlon Training+ offer about? There are three subscription formulas (monthly, quarterly and yearly) and users have the possibility to test the platform for free during fourteen days. The content is divided into two main categories: regular sports sessions offered in eight different sports universes (Cardio, Muscle Building, Training and Hiit, Pilates, Yoga, Mobility, Bike and Dance) and special programs to meet specific objectives (for example: a program for pregnant women). There are then two types of regular sessions: the Domyos Club courses on replay (in-person courses organized near Lille) and new on-demand courses created by Training+ (courses recorded with different influencers, ambassadors of the platform). The Decathlon teams have chosen to provide a complete catalog and to offer quality content. They also make sure to add new courses every week.

Now that we have presented the Decathlon Training+ offer, we can explain how the platform allows Decathlon to reinforce its corporate strategy. The service has been created to offer a complete customer experience: from equipment to practice. By doing so, the streaming website primarily aims to reinforce Decathlon's brand image: the company demonstrates its ability to accompany its customers all the way to the end, in their sports practice. Thanks to the entire Decathlon offer, anyone can equip themselves and train. Decathlon positions itself as a true partner, able to meet all its targets’ needs. The company has also created its streaming offer to support its customers throughout the all life cycle, and especially after sales. In fact, thanks to the platform, users can understand how to properly use the equipment they have purchased. Finally, the VOD service completes the Decat'Club loyalty program. How does it work? The program members collect points in order to benefit from various advantages (gift vouchers, free deliveries, subscriptions for sports sessions, etc.). There are different ways to earn points but the platform users notably have the possibility to accumulate points every time they practice a sport. This is an original way to create commitment and to build customer loyalty.

Our OTT solution to optimize customer experience

Decathlon's project is solid. The company has a real vision and it is in order to optimize its actions that Decathlon decided to work with our teams and to migrate to our Kinow SaaS solution. We answered different needs; all aimed at optimizing customer experience. First of all, there was a real will to simplify the use of the platform on all screens: Decathlon’s teams wanted the users to be able to cast the content easily. Still with this purpose of simplicity, we also worked to ensure the continuity of the SSO system (Single Sign On): thanks to this, users can connect directly with their Decathlon identifiers. They don't need to create a new account, everything is linked. We also collaborated to improve the navigation and make it more flexible, more instinctive. Thus, we have created a multi-criteria filter system. Subscribers can now filter by duration, coach, body part, intensity, etc. This is an essential element so that users can choose the content that suits them, according to their needs.

All the elements we have just mentioned allow the Decathlon teams to go even further in their goals. This includes offering the best service possible to the Decathlon Training+ subscribers. A lot of things have been done and our collaboration is just at the beginning. We are currently focusing on the platform aesthetic. The Decathlon teams need to display videos on the home page to motivate subscribers and immediately stimulate their interest. Therefore, we are working to integrate mute videos in the home carousel. In the near future, we will also work together to create a dedicated mobile application (iOS and Android). Finally, in the longer term, there is a project to deploy the platform internationally. All these elements will continue to boost the success of Decathlon and Decathlon Training+, and we will move forward together to maximize the impact of each action.

Multi-criteria filter system on the Decathlon Training+ streaming platform
Multi-criteria filter system on the Decathlon Training+ streaming platform
"We are very happy to have chosen the Kinow VOD solution for the redesign of our online sports courses platform. It is a turnkey solution that is both very easy to use and very complete; perfectly adapted to our needs. Thanks to our collaboration with Kinow teams, we can offer more and more quality to our subscribers. The new Decathlon Training+ platform is part of all the support we are proud to provide to our customers."
Rémi VANDAELE - Decathlon Training+ Product Owner, Decathlon France
"The Kinow OTT solution has been built and is developed every day in order to answer the challenges of multiple sectors. Our work for Decathlon Training+ illustrates our ability to accompany companies, as well as actors in the sports industry. We use this combined expertise to continue to maximize the potential of this great platform enabling people to practice sports at home."
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

A streaming service can help you develop your business in many ways. Before you start, it is essential to analyze your audience's needs. You need to start from their expectations to build a VOD website that will help you grow. You must then choose the solution and the partner that will allow you to both realize and develop your projects. Kinow is a complete and ready-to-use solution, built thanks to our experience in multiple sectors, in France and abroad. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to have further information on this Decathlon Training+ case study, to learn more about our solution, or to start benefiting from our advice and support.

About Decathlon Training+

Decathlon Training+ is the new Decathlon online sports courses platform. Launched on May 11, 2022, it replaces the former Decathlon E CLUB VOD service that has been used for about ten years. The platform allows its subscribers to practice sports at home all year long (eight disciplines are available). Sports programs are also regularly set up, with more precise objectives. On average, 25 new sessions are added to the catalog every week. Anyone can subscribe to a fourteen-day trial period. After that, there are three subscription options: yearly (60 euros), quarterly (22 euros) and monthly (9 euros). Access to Decathlon Training+.