Easily launch your mobile application for iOS & Android with Kinow!


The whole Kinow team is proud to announce the launch of its generic white label applications!

Today, users are turning more and more to the mobile as an entertainment center. Simultaneously, at a time where on-demand broadcasting is a buzzword, owning its own mobile application becomes essential to ensure its presence on a booming market.

Benefits, features, getting started... We explain how to create your own mobile application with the Kinow solution.  

The mobile market is breaking records

In the latest "State of Mobile 2020" report published by App Annie, a company specialized in analyzing the mobile applications market, smartphone users downloaded 204 billion applications in 2019. That's a 45% increase in three years!

Not to mention that users are also spending more and more time on it; 3 hours and 40 minutes a day looking at their screen, which represents a 35% increase compared to 2017.

The power of the mobile is clearly proven by these impressive figures. Streaming services can learn a little more about the way we look at the screens, and thus position themselves in a booming market!

And according to App Annie,

"The ever- growing adoption of video streaming apps on mobile devices to watch movies, TV shows and live events on-demand has helped bolster demand for Entertainment apps. »

The Kinow offer, to detonate on the mobile market!

Applications in your image

Kinow offers you generic white label templates ready to use and customized at your image.

These are built and designed for all user screens, with:

  • Several versions available: web, mobile, desktop and TV versions.

  • An interface and user experience that meets market standards

  • Maintenance and hosting included

Kinow mobile applications allow your users to identify themselves, browse your catalog and watch the videos they have access to, even offline!

If you decide to board on a mobile adventure with the Kinow team, here is a preview of a future mobile app ready to seduce all your users:

Economical, simple and fast

Thanks to the mobile application developed by Kinow, divided by 10 the costs and delays of deployment of your website, as well as your mobile & TV applications!

A modular design

You have a special need? We adapt our templates according to your specifications and propose you a quote.

We also develop custom applications: web, mobile, smart TV and box.

In conclusion

As you have understood, the main objective of developing your own mobile application is the benefit to users, who are migrating more and more to small screens.

If your company needs a reliable customizable solution, the Kinow team will support you in the creation of your own mobile application as soon as possible. Contact our experts!