Educate with streaming: Kinow deploys EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal


VOD to educate! Commonly associated with commercial objectives, streaming can also be a vector to inform and pass on a message.

Whether you are a non-governmental organization (NGO), an association, or other – if you have a streaming project waiting in the wings, you may be looking for a solution that is both flexible, easy to use and that will help you reach and touch your target. Discover how Bee propelled by Kinow solution contributed to the launch of EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal, a European educational platform that addresses the pressing issue of our environment.

Create a multimedia VOD website and raise awareness about the environment

Based in Vienna, Austria, LET'S CEE Film Festival is a cultural association that promotes European cinema. The association together with its partners: EPEKA from Slovenia, GO GREEN from North Macedonia and the Communications and Consulting Agency Chapter 4 based in Austria, is building a green collection. The purpose is to raise awareness and inform young audiences about environmental challenges. This green collection is composed of short and feature films, documentaries, films for children and covers various subjects: climate change, air pollution, waste reduction, etc. The offer is partly presented in cinemas thanks to Cineplexx International, one of the main cinema chains in Europe. For the second part of their collection, the project partners have decided to create a VOD website: EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal (EUYC:GD).

This new VOD project is co-financed by the European Union (EU) and more precisely by Creative Europe MEDIA. For its VOD catalog, EUYC:GD obtains licenses from various producers and distributors. For the organizers, boosting gender equality, promoting female directors and emerging talents is of high importance. Moreover, thanks to the support of the European Commission's audiovisual service, the platform offers unique archives on the history of the EU as well as video news, clips and short films on the EU. In parallel, the association produces numerous contents such as interviews, multimedia presentations, clips and soon short films around the ecological crisis.

The EUYC:GD streaming platform was launched on a symbolic date during the European Days in May 2022. While the majority of the VOD catalog is accessible by everyone, worldwide, some films are reserved for registered users such as teachers and students from five countries covered by the project (Austria, Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia). This is mainly due to the licensing of certain films. However, thanks to the EU grant, the organizers are able to offer their entire streaming service free of charge: the generally public part and the selection for registered users. This way, EUYC:GD can easily reach its target audience.

Reach your target quickly and easily with Kinow

EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal is co-financed by the European Union, so it was fundamental to work with a European streaming provider. The project partners were also looking for a solution able to meet specific needs: a platform with a clear and understandable structure, and a subscription system for registered users. Kinow was able to convince them thanks to its excellent customer service, the advanced functionalities of its solution and the project deployment time. EUYC:GD was able to launch its streaming service in less than two weeks and in six languages (English, German, Macedonian, Croatian, Slovenian and Romanian).

Thanks to Bee propelled by Kinow, the organizers will be able to target new countries at any time, simply by updating the menu, by adding subtitles to the films and by translating the educational materials intended for the students. The project will therefore be able to continually include new countries and languages in the next phase. The original goal was to present 25 films: 10 feature films, 10 short films and 5 virtual reality productions. However, filmmakers and distributors are extremely enthusiastic about adding their films to the collection. There are also a lot of great new films coming up that deal with ecological problems. Thus, the project organizers will most probably exceed 25 films on their platform. An application for mobile phones or TV would definitely be a great way to expand the project and attract new audiences in a next step, but such an expansion would only be possible with additional sponsors and supporters. Due to the future-oriented character of the project, however, getting involved as a sponsor or partner is possible at any time.

"In only a few weeks, thanks to Bee propelled by Kinow solution, we were able to start informing our target group with didactic films and raising awareness for this urgent matter on an international scale. Two issues were essential for us: an easy-to-use tool and a subscription system adapted for our users. The Kinow teams accompanied us at each step of the project and we thank them for the quality of their customer service."
Magdalena Zelasko, Director & Founder – LET'S CEE Film Festival
EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal is a VOD service that offers content with an ecological theme. A convincing argument to create a strong and loyal audience around a topical subject that concerns everyone. In order to realize this project, two fundamental elements were necessary: a practical and user-friendly solution as well as a subscription system adapted to the users. Thanks to Bee propelled by Kinow solution, the deployment was done in a very short time and at a competitive price. EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal can now propose two offers: content specifically intended for the educational field on the one hand, and content open to the general public on the other."
Pierre ANTOINE – Director of the Kinow Business Unit, Alpha Networks

Bee propelled by Kinow solution adapts to your needs. It allows you to quickly deploy your VOD platform wherever you are and in the countries of your choice. We offer an intuitive solution with advanced functionalities because we are convinced that the deployment and the daily management of your streaming site are at the heart of the success of your VOD projects. If you want to know more about our offer, please contact our experts.

About EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal

The EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal project was created by 4 partners. The first one is the project coordinator: the Cultural Association LET’S CEE Filmfestival. The second one is Communications and Consulting Agency Chapter 4 who brings excellent expertise in all matters of public relations and marketing consulting. Next is the North Macedonian partner, Association Go Green which enriches EUYC:GD with profound skills in eco-activism, education on climate change and sustainable development. And lastly, the Slovenian project partner EPEKA completes the group with its expertise in the fields of ecology, social entrepreneurship and its unique experience in the field of socially engaged education. Now, thanks to the support by the European Commission and a collaboration with Kinow teams, the organizers are launching a streaming platform on the theme of environmental issues for young people. Discover EUYC:GD.