Employee benefits and VOD platform: PRÉAU use case with Kinow


Have you ever considered streaming as a lever for your corporate strategy? You can create a streaming platform for business or marketing purposes, but also as part of your human resources strategy.

A streaming service is a great way to reward your employees and strengthen your employer brand. Bee propelled by Kinow is a turnkey OTT solution, perfectly adapted to your stakes and constraints. Discover our collaboration with the PRÉAU non-profit organization.

A streaming platform as an employee benefit

Did you watch streaming content in the last seven days? Most would answer “yes”. And there's a good reason behind this: streaming is now totally part of our rest and leisure time. This is also something that your employees experience, the teams at PRÉAU know it well. PRÉAU is a non-profit organization that aims at facilitating everyday life and offering various benefits to all the French National Education, Youth and Sports Ministry personnel (active and retired - members of the non-profit organization). It plays a role in sharing information about interministerial and ministerial social aids, and it provides numerous offers for everyday purchases but also in relation to culture, sports and leisure. Recently, PRÉAU has launched a new project to innovate and to go even further in its objectives: it has decided to create a streaming website exclusively dedicated to its members.

The PRÉAU teams contacted us at the beginning of the year and in just one month the platform was launched. PRÉAU's Cinéthèque is a streaming platform that gathers together French movies of different genres: action, comedy and emotion. The catalog is very complete and new works are added every month. Moreover, the PRÉAU teams are currently thinking about expanding the catalog. Thus, European and American movies could be proposed soon.

Our VOD solution to create a streaming website

One of the first great benefits associated with the Bee propelled by Kinow solution is the deployment time. Indeed, as mentioned, the solution is ready to use and we can deploy your platform in a few weeks only. If you are afraid of starting a long and tedious project, you should know that we have built our SaaS solution (Software as a Service) to avoid this. We are aware of your needs and we are here to answer them. In fact, we also built an easy-to-use solution: the administration panel is totally intuitive to allow you to manage your streaming service effortlessly. As a consequence, the PRÉAU teams have been able to build a catalog, to define the access modalities, etc., in only a few clicks. Moreover, with Bee propelled by Kinow, the possibilities are multiple: you benefit from a set of features so that our solution adapts to your needs. For example, in the specific case of this non-profit organization, we received a very precise request in relation to the platform access: displaying the real value of the offer while allowing the members to access it for free. We therefore helped PRÉAU to set up a promotional code system. This way, PRÉAU delivers discount coupons to its members to provide them a free access to the Cinéthèque.

Bee propelled by Kinow is at the service of those who manage the platform, but it has also been thought for the beneficiaries of your streaming offers. Indeed, different features have been specifically designed to offer an optimal user experience. This is the case of the search bar that we propose on the top menu of all our platforms (in the header). This allows users to simply search for content when they have a specific idea or desire. Our customers can also set up a favorites system: once a movie is bookmarked as a favorite by the end user, it is automatically added to the rail “Bookmarked” on the homepage. PRÉAU’s platform also displays this favorites system. Finally, with Bee propelled by Kinow, you have the possibility to create applications for a perfect viewing experience on all screens. This is an essential element to adapt to the new habits of your target. It is also something we are currently working on with PRÉAU. In fact, the launch of a mobile application is under discussion. The features we just mentioned are only examples. There are many possibilities and we will continue to work with PRÉAU to help them achieve their goals.

"We have received a lot of positive feedback about our Cinéthèque and we are delighted! The Bee propelled by Kinow solution is both complete and easy to use. It allows us to propose an innovative streaming offer, in addition to all the benefits we were already providing to our members."
Paul MERCIER - Head of the benefits division, PRÉAU
"The PRÉAU’s Cinéthèque is a very good example for any company or any entity that would like to work on such topics as employer brand, employee benefits, etc. The non-profit organization has built a real value proposition for its members. We enabled them to launch a streaming platform without constraints and with a lot of flexibility. Through our solution we aim for the satisfaction of both the platform manager and the service user.”
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

Employee satisfaction, employee benefits, etc. Today, the conditions you offer your employees must be placed at the heart of your corporate strategy. These are essential questions that you must ask yourself to attract new talents and work day by day on your employees’ gratification. Widely consumed, streaming can match your teams' wishes. With Bee propelled by Kinow, you can continue to boost your employees' satisfaction, and keep them loyal, with a practical and powerful solution, totally adapted to the corporate environment. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to discover more about our solution, our collaboration with PRÉAU or to start being accompanied in your project.


PRÉAU is a national non-profit organization. It was founded with the objective of providing answers and implementing concrete actions, in line with commitment #5 of the Grenelle de l'éducation: "benefit from new social advantages". It is addressed to all the French National Education, Youth and Sports Ministry personnel (active and retired). It relays essential information about the interministerial and ministerial social aids they can receive, and it provides exclusive offers and prices in relation to different common spending categories. Today, thanks to the collaboration with the Kinow teams, PRÉAU has launched a video platform: the Cinéthèque.