Entertainment platforms launched with Kinow streaming solution: our December selection!


"What should we watch tonight?" Just like you, every day, many people wonder what to watch and which offer to choose in order to get entertained, cultivated.

December is the month of stories and tales, so we chose to highlight great entertainment streaming platforms created via the Kinow solution!

Freaks ON, a streaming site specialized in horror

Freaks ON streaming site

If you like big thrills, if you're looking for the best of horror, Freaks ON is the perfect VOD platform.

Built as a niche platform, Freaks ON distinguishes itself by a unique offer, directly designed for all cinema and horror lovers. Thanks to Freaks ON, you can discover new creators, new producers and new, lesser known, works.

Freaks ON is also a new experience. Thanks to Kinow solution, many possibilities are offered to the users: commitment-free subscription, the option to randomly choose a movie, the possibility to interact with the community thanks to a chat feature set up during live sessions with directors, etc. Discover the Freaks ON platform.

Château de Versailles Spectacles, exclusive shows and classical music available in audio and video streaming

Château de Versailles Spectacles video and audio streaming platform

Château de Versailles Spectacles relied on Kinow to create its audio and video streaming platform. Why did they choose us? They were looking for a solution to transmit faithfully the beauty of their most beautiful ballets, shows and artistic creations, and a platform capable of offering a perfect audio quality for all the classical music lovers.

A complete offer to access the exceptional events organized by Château de Versailles Spectacles all year long, wherever you are.

And that's not all! The platform gives you access to some exclusive content: appendices and bonuses related to the shows (artists, stories, chapters, etc.). Access the Château de Versailles Spectacles platform.

Reworld Media, thematic SVOD services

Guerres et Histoire TV streaming service

Reworld Media is leader in thematic media. Kinow has deployed 5 SVOD services in relation to 5 major magazines: Le Chasseur Français TV, Auto Plus TV, Guerres et Histoire TV, Téléstar Play, Top Santé TV.

In less than 2 months, the first services have been implemented. 100 hours of programming are offered per platform, 5 to 10 hours of new content are added per month, per platform, and for some services, we have even developed a 24/7 live channel.

One of the particularities of our work with Reworld Media is also the use of intelligent content recommendation with the Rumo by Spideo technology. Kinow solution is integrated within a large ecosystem of partners; an additional strength ensuring that your streaming solution reaches all your objectives and is adaptable to your global strategy. Discover the platforms: Le Chasseur Français TV, Auto Plus TV, Guerres et Histoire TV, Téléstar Play and Top Santé TV.

LaCinetek, a prestigious streaming offer to access the greatest movies of the 20th century

LaCinetek streaming offer

LaCinetek, created by La Cinémathèque des réalisateurs, is a leading VOD platform. It gives access to great classics chosen by directors from all around the world.

LaCinetek offers a unique customer experience: users can offer a film to a friend, view the works offline, choose a payment method according to the quality they select, etc.

Streaming platforms have to be agile in relation to their targets’ needs and this flexibility requirement has led LaCinetek to work with Kinow. Access to LaCinetek's platform.

Tënk, first documentary-dedicated streaming platform

Tënk streaming platform

Specialized in author’s documentaries, Tënk is born from the festival of the Etats généraux du film documentaire de Lussas.

In 2016, a group of producers, directors and technicians decided to offer and broadcast documentaries of yesterday and today, online.

After having collaborated on Tënk France through security, catalog management, monetization, etc., Kinow now supports Tënk’s international strategy! A new interface, totally integrated to our solution, gathers now all the Tënk Europe offer. Together we developed a multi-country catalog for a unique European platform. A second platform dedicated to Canada will also be launched soon, also supported by our solution. Discover the European Tënk platform.

SalamandreTV, documentaries dedicated to nature

SalamandreTV streaming platform

The non-profit organization la Salamandre is a publisher with a strong objective: put nature in the spotlight to better protect it.

Beyond its magazines, la Salamandre chose Kinow to set up a streaming offer. SalamandreTV allows you to discover unique documentaries to better appreciate and defend the nature that surrounds us.

SalamandreTV is a very nice platform. Thanks to Kinow widgets, the images, the aesthetics and the user experience set up by la Salamandre teams directly immerse the visitors in nature. Access to the SalamandreTV platform.

Bref, the short film streaming website

Bref streaming site

Bref is a magazine published by L'Agence du court métrage. Initially, Bref was a quarterly magazine proposed with a DVD. Very quickly, the teams worked with Kinow to propose an online media to gather their short films offer.

Bref platform proposes a premium offer with flexibility (first month of subscription offered, commitment-free option), a rich catalog updated every week with 3 new works, as well as  direct access to the industry news, etc.

Bref is a perfect streaming site for all the 7th art lovers, curious to access the best of short films. Discover the Bref platform.

Ciné Mutins, the streaming service for committed films and documentaries

Ciné Mutins streaming service

Ciné Mutins is the VOD platform of Les Mutins de Pangée, an audiovisual and cinematographic production and publishing cooperative (SCOP). It is a streaming site based on a strong vision: proposing films and documentaries made by committed filmmakers. Through its offer, Ciné Mutins aims to make a parallel with the latest news and allow discovery and thinking.

Our work for this platform was related to the replacement and modernization of their former streaming site. Together we created the current Ciné Mutins platform. For that, we integrated their new interface to our solution: it is a new design, a new experience powered by all our Kinow features.

Finally, beyond its positioning, the Ciné Mutins offer is also characterized by many different monetization systems: rentals, single purchases, prepaid cards, gifts (possibility to offer credits to the person of your choice), etc. Access Ciné Mutins.

Le Film Chrétien, the platform full of faith

Le Film Chrétien streaming platform

Le Film Chrétien was created by SAJE Distribution, a French film distribution company. It gathers Christian-inspired films for those who have faith.

The SAJE Distribution teams wanted to work with us on specific needs: multi-audio-track and HLS broadcast for a totally fluid streaming experience.

Le Film Chrétien is not only dedicated to private use: public screenings can be organized (for example by media libraries, charities, etc.) through loan licenses. Discover Le Film Chrétien.

There are many streaming sites but each platform has its own particularity, its own offer, its own user experience. There are many works to discover, whether it is video or audio content, and our objective is to support you in creating a unique streaming offer for your target. We want to help you reach your objectives, today and tomorrow, in France and internationally. If you wish to be guided in your strategy to build a streaming platform, do not hesitate to contact our experts.