Evolution of the Kinow dashboard: part 1 - business indicators


Since 2015, Kinow has supported the deployment and improvement of more than 200 video platforms worldwide.

Building on this success, and thanks to the valuable feedback from our customers, we are proud to announce a series of major changes to our dashboard. These Business Intelligence tools will allow you to better track key indicators of growth related to your video service in order to ensure its success.

These developments are divided into two main parts: business indicators and audience indicators.

This article presents the business indicators, available as of today on the Kinow solution.

Business indicators are intended for premium services that offer access to their video in SVOD or TVOD. Here is how it works:

1. Monthly sales:

Follow the evolution of your orders and your monthly turnover in the blink of an eye. The distinction based on the monetization mode is specified for platforms offering both modes (TVOD and SVOD).

2. Monthly goals:

Measure the monthly progress of the following indicators: turnover, orders, subscribers and new monthly subscribers and automatically compare the results with those from the previous month.

3. Active subscribers:

This graph, dedicated to subscription-based video offers (SVOD), allows you to visualize the growth of your subscribers base over the last few months, by detailing the proportion of lost and newly acquired subscribers.

4. MRR & churn:

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and churn rate indicators are essential for any SVOD business. They will allow you to estimate the monthly value of your subscribers base as well as the share of your subscribers loss (number of cancelled subscriptions / number of active subscriptions)...

... and coming soon new developments with audience indicators (average viewing time, best programs,...).