Freaks On, the new streaming platform dedicated to horror movies powered by Kinow


The Freaks On platform was born out of a passion for horror and horror movies. It is one of those niche platforms that stand out by offering unique content in an ever-growing SVOD market.

The idea is to gather fans, offer them original content and create a real meeting place around a common passion!

A platform combining passion and sharing

The platform was born from a personal observation, the creator is a big fan of this genre cinema and thought that there was a lack of horror films on generalist platforms. The goal is to be able to offer multicultural content by introducing European creators and producers, who are less well known than the big American productions.

Freaks On want to be a reference in the field of horror, offering a new experience and creating a direct link with the audience. As a result, the platform offers live events where directors are sometimes present in the chat to allow the community to express themselves and interact on a film. The concept enriches the VOD experience with additional content such as columns presented by specialized journalists. In the future, it would like to make before or after shows to share more between enthusiasts and make the concept evolve all together.

These notions of sharing, proximity and co-creation with the public are also reflected in the progress and improvement of the project. At the beginning of 2021, Freaks On will launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to get more and more new films and give users the benefit of a mobile application!

Total immersion thanks to a fully modular solution

The Kinow solution offers many functionalities and allows to create customized platforms! In order to offer a successful user experience and immerse them in its universe, customization is a crucial point to match Freaks On's graphic charter.

On the home page, we notice different displays. Indeed, at the top of the page you can see several movie posters in the form of carousels. As for the "To Discover" category, it is displayed differently from the other categories with a single movie on the left, its description and an image.

new Freaks On movies
Movies to discover Freaks On

Customization is thought out down to the last detail. In fact, to display subscriptions, simply click on a skull and crossbones icon that will show you two offers. A first monthly subscription without commitment, €2.50 for the first quarter and then €4.99 per month, or a one-year subscription at €45. This icon also allows you to launch a random movie if you don't know what to watch.

Freaks On subscriptions

Generally speaking, the user experience is at the heart of this platform. In order to simplify navigation, the films are classified into various categories:

  • By type: feature films, series, documentaries, original programs.

  • By genre: monsters, psychokillers, gore or thrillers.

  • By mood: our friends the beasts, big bleeders, big cravings, thoroughbreds,...

Kinow offers thus a turnkey solution that allowed Freaks On to recreate a unique universe by fully modeling the site but also to manage all the important aspects related to a VOD platform (subscription formulas with the possibility of price reduction over a given period, means of payment, catalog management, ...).

About Kinow

Kinow provides a cloud-based solution to help media, broadcasters and distributors deploy and enhance their own live and on-demand streaming platform. Kinow is one of the most advanced OVP (Online Video Platform) on the market and brings together all the technologies needed to manage a free or paid OTT video service. Since its launch in 2015, Kinow has deployed nearly 300 platforms worldwide. Some examples of Kinow clients:  Bref platforms (short film), Tënk (documentary), LaCinetek (auteur films) platforms or niche platforms such as Ciné Mutins or SVEVID.

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