Handstar TV, the new 99% handball video media by Kinow


Handball fans can now enjoy a dedicated streaming platform!

Handstar chooses Bee to create its streaming website. The program for the launch: live and full broadcast of the Super Globe - the world championship of the clubs, and the highlighting of the actors (actresses) and the actions that highlight the handball in France.

Handstar TV, the launch of a streaming platform for all handball lovers... but not only

Athletes have the right to their streaming platform, too! Whether it's for watching a game or accessing interviews, shows, reports, etc., all handball enthusiasts can now rely on Handstar TV.

Handstar, whose teams are based in Nîmes, has launched its platform with a complete offer: rights to broadcast international competitions, a catalog of exclusive content produced by Handstar TV and also the implementation of the Made in Clubs service offering a free distribution channel for content directly produced by the clubs to enable them to improve their digital visibility.

And why 99%? Because after all there is not just handball in life. Handstar TV will offer any sports event organizer of all kinds to broadcast on Handstar TV and thus reach a new community of sports passionate, by offering revenues sharing model.
The platform therefore offers matches and sporting events live or on demand (VOD), and the best of handball news and information, a 24/7 channel will be gradually implemented too.

Three major offers have been developed. Part of the catalog will be available free of charge for handball lovers. A more complete offer will also be proposed via a subscription system and certain matches will be accessible individually via a pay-per-view system.

Handstar TV will be available on web and will also be offered on mobile (via a dedicated application available on the Google and Apple stores).

Handstar TV, the new streaming platform to follow!

BEE, a streaming solution to bring your sports content to life

The Bee streaming solution is designed to allow you to go even further in the user experience.

On television, interviews are limited, often only organized on match days, etc. Interesting contents are rare and shared between several channels, several programs. So, quite often, sports enthusiasts are forced to search for the content that interests them.

Thanks to Bee, offer them everything they are looking for - and more - on a single platform. You have the opportunity to federate and bring your community together.

Use our solution to organize your catalog, adapt it to the identified person, manage your payment methods according to your business model, etc., on a completely secure platform and through an intuitive administration panel.

Finally, like Handstar, offer a unique experience on all screens! At home, in the metro or on a corner of the table, who knows where your audience will prefer to watch their next match?

With BEE, anticipate and define the rules of the game yourself!

“Our wish was to provide all Handball fans with content that will delight them, which they can access whenever they need it and everywhere. The BEE solution meets our expectations perfectly insofar as it is efficient and complete. We could not have chosen better to launch our streaming platform dedicated to Handball”.
Maximilien COSTESEQUE, Development Director Handstar TV
"Handball is one of the most practiced sports in France after soccer and basketball, so the media coverage of the latter is an opportunity not to be missed. The launch of the Handstar TV streaming platform with Bee solution will allow to broadcast not only handball news but also large-scale events such as the Super Globe, the 2022 World Club Championship. Moreover, thanks to the fine management of the accesses for the contributors proposed by our solution, Handstar can now offer content produced by clubs themselves, thus providing a unique user experience and bringing together the handball fan community."
Pierre ANTOINE - Director of the Kinow Business Unit, Alpha Networks Group

About Handstar

Handstar TV is the group of enthusiasts who wish to participate in the media development of a sport that has brought them so much. Entrepreneur, former internationals, professionals of the sports economy, all the energies are united to best meet the expectations of a community in lack of recognition.

Find out more at: handstar.tv.