How to build audience loyalty on your video streaming platform thanks to user knowledge?


The trend is "on demand"! Every year, more and more entities, companies, want to create a video streaming site.

But if the market is booming, keeping your subscribers becomes even more important. So, how do you retain your audience? Discover how user knowledge allows you to offer an evolving and fully personalized experience.

Propose the right content

Get to know your users...

"For 79% of consumers, the more a company practices personalization, the more it strengthens their loyalty." ("Brand Loyalty 2020: The Need for Hyper-Individualization", Formation). Presenting the right offer to each user is therefore one of the first pillars of customer relationship and loyalty. So, what’s the first type of information your subscribers agree to share with you? The information related to their registration! You have access to their contact information, gender, age, and perhaps their company name and location. This information is the foundation of your user knowledge. Use it to recommend a movie genre, a fitness coaching program, etc. And, if your users want even more personalization once registered, send them a welcome email containing a more detailed form. Ask them about their tastes, wishes or levels. First impressions are always the most important, so start bringing value to them straight away.

... and their viewing habits

Once your user has started browsing your platform, you have access to login and video viewing data. Take advantage of your users' preferences to recommend similar content in terms of shows, movies, or fitness coaching programs (intensity, body part to focus on, etc.). In this latter case - as with training - you can even consider tailoring recommendations based on users progress. Leverage your customer data to accompany your audience. Also think about timing. For example, if you are proposing meditations, the sessions to suggest may depend on the moment of the day. Finally, you can also recommend content based on its length: thirty-minute videos, one-hour videos, etc. Follow your user habits and you will be able to adapt and anticipate their needs.


If personalizing the experience of each customer ensures more loyalty, you can also leverage user knowledge as a whole. Your subscribers form a community, united by the same interest in your platform content. Analyze which videos are the most viewed, the most liked, the highest rated. Consider a comments system. This will help you to improve your content and it will allow you to quickly identify a problem. For example, if you deliver training courses, your users can warn you if a course is too difficult. Also analyze the average viewing time and the moment of the day when most people are connected. This way, if you have to choose the time and duration of a Live, this previously collected information will allow you to satisfy the highest number of people!

Engage your community

Give your audience a voice! We mentioned it could be a good idea to add comments to your videos but you can also consult your community much more directly. Maybe you want to evaluate your members' satisfaction, know what are their next goals, etc. Organize surveys. You can communicate by email or create a private community on social networks.

Boost your marketing campaigns

Optimize the user journey

User knowledge also allows you to set up high-quality campaigns. Use email to complete all the loyalty actions implemented on your platform. For example, if you suggest a fitness coaching program without explaining its details, there is a strong probability that the person won't try it. On the other hand, if you send an email presenting it, it will be easier for your subscriber to start this program. In parallel, if some users do not progress anymore, connect less or not at all, use email to re-engage them. Also, contact customers whose subscription is expiring. Try to anticipate attrition. Conversely, think about your up-sell and cross-sell campaigns: introduce the annual subscription to your monthly subscribers, offer exclusive content sold separately, etc. Finally, don't forget to celebrate your users' birthdays, think about rewarding their loyalty and propose your community to meet.

Illustrate the user journey, highlight the progression

To keep your audience interested, consider gamification. Your users' progress may seem abstract to them, so why not imagine a badge system? Your users will feel rewarded and this will encourage them. Also think about "annual review" campaigns: most viewed content this year, favorite directors, accomplishments. Your users are curious. They will be happy to review their year.

User knowledge allows you to offer your customers the experience they expect. You accompany them so that they can fully use your platform, according to their expectations. Your users also are your best ambassadors. Therefore, working on their loyalty also means investing in subscriber acquisition. Moreover, user knowledge allows you to rethink your entire strategy: which topics to cover in your content strategy, who to target, etc.? Your actions will echo your audience needs. They will reinforce user engagement and allow you to acquire new ones. With Kinow streaming solution, benefit from our advanced features and our expertise to unlock the potential of your platform.  Contact our experts.

Reference: report - “Brand Loyalty 2020: The Need for Hyper-Individualization”, Formation