How to use your AWS credits to launch your streaming platform? Kinow now available on AWS marketplace!


If you have an AWS account and plan to launch or improve your own streaming platform, this article is for you! Kinow solution is now available on the AWS marketplace.

Use your credits, enjoy all of AWS advantages and benefit from Kinow advanced features.

Kinow streaming solution available on AWS

What if it was the right solution for you? Since the end of November, anyone with an AWS account can subscribe to one of the Kinow offers proposed on the marketplace. A great way to access Kinow expertise while using AWS as a trusted third party.

We propose our entry-level offer with different transcoding credit packages, depending on the size of your catalog: 10h, 25h, 50h, 100h, 250h or 500h.

Kinow solution is hosted on AWS so we naturally wanted to make it available on the AWS marketplace, for all its users - you.

Ease of use, fast deployment, cutting-edge features, continuous improvement, etc., we know your priorities, your challenges. We offer you all the benefits of a SaaS solution as well as all the essential tools to manage and optimize your streaming service: encoding, catalog management, monetization, statistics, business intelligence, etc.

Capitalize AWS advantages while creating your streaming platform with Kinow

It is because we understand your criteria along with all the advantages of the marketplace that we wanted to make our streaming solution available on AWS.

From a billing perspective, AWS takes care of the invoicing process and terms of sale. Thus, you can directly use your credits to benefit from our streaming solution, with ease. You can really leverage your credits to create the platform that will support your strategy and meet your needs.

Also, the more services you use at AWS, the more competitive your pricing will be. This is called private pricing and we know it's a key benefit for any user of the marketplace.

Finally, as a solution hosted on AWS, we share the trust that led you to use this marketplace. At Kinow, trust is key too. Since our launch in 2015, we've supported the launch of over 300 platforms worldwide. We work with prestigious customers such as Reworld Media, the Académie des César, Mediawan, RX Group, the Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy, Château de Versailles Spectacles, LaCinetek, Tënk and many others. Our expertise is associated with many sectors, including internationally. We are looking forward to working with you!

Launching a streaming platform is a project that requires thinking. We know that to make it happen, you need a solution that meets your criteria, your needs, while offering the maximum of advantages. By proposing our Kinow streaming solution on the AWS marketplace, we wanted to allow you to combine all the benefits of Kinow solution and those of the AWS marketplace. Do not hesitate to contact our experts or to consult our offers on the AWS catalog.