Improvement of the Kinow administration panel


Kinow is pleased to announce the improvement of the UI design of its administration panel in order to simplify its use and save time on the management of your streaming service.

The changes occur in the layout and display of the interface. More precisely, we have reorganized the left menu to optimize the  navigation when browsing the dashboard.

From now on, the menu presents 8 main themes essential to the creation and monitoring of a video platform: 

  • Media management: to find all the media files in your library like videos, subtitles and bonus files (pdf, image, audio...) and synchronize your platform with external hosting (AWS, JW Platform, Vimeo, Infomaniak...).
  • CMS Content: to organize your catalog and all related metadata.
  • Monetization: to configure your payment methods (Stripe, Paypal,...) and your monetization tools: subscription, prepayment, discount vouchers, etc
  • Users: to track your users' activity, invoices and access rights to your videos and to communicate directly with them (support).
  • Statistics: to visualize the evolution of your service in terms of turnover and audience.
  • Video player : to set up the features of your video player (rewind and fast forward, Chromecast & Airplay,...)
  • Display settings: to easily change the appearance of your platform with our generic themes and widget system.
  • Platform settings: to determine the access rules to your service, the information required to create a user account, manage the rights of the platform administrators or determine the languages and currencies displayed.

Within these themes you will find the 250 features that the Kinow solution offers to develop your platform, acquire users and anticipate your churn.

In addition, we have made changes to the renaming of certain terms to improve their understanding:

  • "Customers" in "Users"
  • "Cartrule" in "Discount voucher"
  • "Catalog rule" in "Catalogue promotion".
  • "Product Features" in "Metadata".

For integrators using our APIs: please contact us for more information.