Integrate video on demand in your PrestaShop website


We are proud to announce the launch of our video on demand module on PrestaShop 1.6! Available on PrestaShop Addons marketplace, this module is dedicated to the distribution and sale of videos on demand.

If the modules are still unknown to you, be aware that they greatly improve the efficiency of your website under Prestashop. As in an app store, each e-merchant activates, installs or removes the addons that he wants to use according to his needs. On the official PrestaShop marketplace, PrestaShop Addons, you will find front office and back office modules that will meet your needs, specific to each activity.

In summary, Kinow’s VOD module integrates video-on-demand (free or paid) functionality into your website and analyzes the behavior of each of your users through our real-time video analytics system.

What are the benefits for your activity?

  • For media, TV channels, distributors and training organizations: optimize your video workflow and maximize the ROI of your video content

  • For retailers: get a better understanding of your users to precisely target your marketing actions and optimize cross-selling

  • For manufacturers: offer video support and training to your customers via personalized and private access

Turn your e-commerce site into a VOD platform

With our video module you will be able to enrich your product sheets with videos or make your video content your sales product.

The module combines front and back office so that you can sell your video catalog in streaming or download and choose your own business model: free, AVOD, TVOD or SVOD.

This module is added to your existing website to enhance your video content. Once set up you are ready to become the Netflix of your domain!

You’ll save time and performance!

Launch your activity with a turnkey module, a simplified management of your video catalog while remaining totally autonomous. A great asset in a world where you have no more time to spend to get familiar with complicated tools.

You’ll gain performance with an ergonomic sales-oriented platform and a decision-making Dashboard.

1. You distribute and sell your content thanks to dynamic and striking product sheets, teasers and subscription formulas adapted to the needs of your customers.

2. Then, you analyze your business and sales data on the Dashboard and can easily take the necessary content and marketing actions.

Concretely, what are we talking about?

In this module you will find all the features you need to develop your activity:

  • A Dashboard tracking your activity and your users data.

  • Tools for the editorialization of your video catalog: product sheets, geolocation...

  • Monetization formulas: by subscription (SVOD), by transaction (TVOD) or by advertising (AVOD).

  • Secure video player: adaptive streaming, DRM protection...

  • Video hosting: encoding, storage and broadcasting services

You can find all the details of the features on our PrestaShop sheet or on our website.

And at what price?

The module includes one month of subscription offered to our Starter offer (€ 99.99/month) and is subject to a monthly or annual subscription to Kinow services.

Our offers are scalable and adapt to your needs. The first offer is at € 99.99 per month.

Kinow’s VOD module is available on the PrestaShop 1.6 version. And of course, you can install this module like any other PrestaShop module.

Ready to revolutionize the broadcasting of your videos?

Dicover our PrestaShop module.