International VOD service & Latin American cinema: Guayaba chooses Kinow


What are the keys to launch a successful international streaming platform? If you have a strong project, you also need to choose an OTT solution suitable to your needs.

A solution that will allow you to stand out from your competitors and to adapt to each market you would like to target. Guayaba has just created a new platform around Latin American cinema. Here is a look back on a great deployment in the four corners of the world (or almost).

Propose a unique offering around Latin American cinema

A platform full of character for a cinema with character! Guayaba has been created in February 2022 by filmmakers and film lovers sharing the same desire: to gather the most beautiful works of Latin American cinema and to share them with all the fans of the 7th art, and any person interested or passionate about this culture and this region of the world. Guayaba's creators want to make a positive impact. Latin American movies are sometimes produced with limited material and budgetary restraints. They also have more difficulties to be broadcasted and to be known. Guayaba’s teams want to create a new spotlight, a springboard for these exceptional and “naturally different” works. Moreover, the teams are keen to offer a wide variety of themes and genres. They take care of the parity between men and women when choosing directors, and they voluntarily prepare manually all the selections on the platform.

If Guayaba stands out for its catalog, it also has a very interesting offering. These are very similar concepts and yet it is necessary to work on them separately to generate interest and maximize target engagement. So what is the first great positive point of Guayaba offering? The available formulas! Indeed, there are different options to access the content of the platform: unit rental or subscription. This is already a great advantage but what is really interesting is that the teams have chosen to propose unique conditions, whatever the access mode. Thus, in TVOD, users have one month to start watching a movie (it is then available for 48 hours). In SVOD, the catalog is entirely renewed every month. A nice way for Guayaba to guarantee flexibility and freshness to its target. Note that users can also offer an access to a relative. On the other hand, the platform differentiates itself by proposing rich metadata: movie details are not only summarizing key information (synopsis, actors, etc.), they also offer exclusive content. Thereby, the platform links to movie reviews, directors' speeches, etc.

Deploy a streaming platform internationally

Guayaba is a platform around Latin American cinema. Nevertheless, it does not only target Latin America. Guayaba’s teams wanted to make their catalog accessible in different regions of the world: Latin America, North America, the Caribbean and Europe (partially). It is therefore a "multi-country" website, even if the offering changes according to the user's country. In fact, the subscriptions - and respectively - the rental service are only available in some specific countries, the list of which differs from one formula to another. So, depending on the location, you may or may not have access to the platform, and you may or may not have the choice between the two offerings (SVOD and TVOD). In parallel, we also worked on currencies. Indeed, the service had to propose prices in different currencies. Hence we activated several currencies on the platform: euro and dollar. By default, the prices are in dollars except for the European zone for which the prices are in euros. The right currency is automatically displayed according to the country. Finally, we can also underline all the work related to subtitles: subtitles in Castilian (Spanish) are proposed when the movie is in Quechua or in Portuguese, and subtitles in Portuguese, English, French and Italian are sometimes available for the "non Spanish speakers". Kinow solution allows you to add as many subtitles as necessary, a crucial feature for Guayaba.

These elements have greatly facilitated Guayaba's international deployment. Furthermore, we are still collaborating on many more projects. For example, in the near future, the platform should provide a wider choice of subtitles: subtitles in Portuguese, English, French and Italian should soon be available for all movies. New versions of the platform, fully translated, should even be offered to French and English audiences. Finally, Guayaba's teams wish to establish new partnerships with cultural institutions and movie schools to continue to promote the platform and the works around the world.

“Guayaba has been a dream of ours for a long time and some aspects of the project were very important to us: the quality and fluidity of the reading, a good design and presentation, an easy-to-use back-office, and the security and protection of our contents. The fact that we can get all this from Kinow is without any doubt invaluable."
Harry BRACHO - CEO & Co-founder, Guayaba
"Guayaba's teams were able to leverage all Kinow features to create a high-quality VOD service. The platform is beautiful and the content is rich. Moreover, thanks to Kinow solution, the website proposes two distinct offerings, accessible depending on the country. A specific need that exceeded the traditional challenges of an international deployment. We thank Guayaba's teams for their trust and we are looking forward to building with them the next steps of their project."
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

The Guayaba platform illustrates the flexibility of our Kinow solution as well as our capacity to accompany you on an international scale. The possibilities are endless. We want to provide you all the necessary features to create a unique streaming platform, in record time. With Kinow, we have contributed to the deployment of more than 300 platforms in the world: Europe, North America, South America, North Africa, etc. We have all the expertise to help you reach your objectives, whatever the project and the targeted countries. If you have any questions about our collaboration with Guayaba or if you would like to discuss with our experts, please contact us.

About Guayaba

Guayaba is a streaming service that highlights and facilitates access to Latin American cinema. It is aimed at a very wide audience as it is available in Latin America, North America, the Caribbean and Europe (partially). The platform works in TVOD and SVOD, but the access modalities depend on the country. Renting a movie costs 2.50$/€ and a subscription costs between 3.5$/€ and 35$/€ (monthly, quarterly or annual subscription). The works proposed on Guayaba are carefully selected and renewed very regularly. Discover Guayaba.