Interview of Anto, creator of Tutos D'Anto


Interview with one of our first users of Kinow solution: Anthony, expert in computer-assisted music, who for a year already offers numerous tutorials to learn to master the universe of CAM.

His website:

What do you do?

I‘ve been a musician for more than 15 years, I practice guitar and bass mostly. From my beginnings, I wished to be autonomous in terms of production, for my songs or those of the others, without being forced to use a professional studio, which remains expensive, especially at the start. Year on year, I learned a lot in the CAM domain, and one day came the idea to share my knowledge on the web, to help those starting the adventure of self-production and save their time.

What can we learn from your tutorials?

CAM (Computer-Assisted Music) gathers all the computing techniques used the chain of musical creation. It is a domain which creates a real revolution thanks to technical progress and the power of computers. Many artists self-produce "at home" thanks to their Home-studio, with a cheaper and cheaper hardware available. My training videos go through all the techniques to have a "pro" sound in your Home-studio.

What is your classical approach to creating a new tutorial?

There are a lot of areas to demonstrate in the field of CAM! First, I discussed all the fundamental basics. Today, I start to enter the more technical aspects, for insiders, in order for everyone to find their match. Concerning the creation of videos, I always start by writing in detail the content. After reading again and making several improvements, I start recording the video, which I create by little sequences. Then, I make the final assembly!

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How do you see the evolution of your site in the next years?

I'd like the site to become a reference, especially for beginners, on which you can find all the answers to the questions beginners, or insiders, may have.

Why did you choose Kinow for your VOD platform?

After days and days of searching for an e-commerce solution focused on the video on demand market, which was able to answer my specific needs, I eventually chose Kaemo for several reasons:

  • The graphic interface proposed for my platform is refined, modern and complete.
  • The video management is easy. While behind a computer all day, I am no computer engineer and wished for something easy to use at the administration level of my platform. The price is really nice compared to competitors.

Any other projects coming up?

I still have a tremendous amount of tutorials to offer, the list is long! I dedicate almost all my time to it. Aside from this role of teacher, I am currently in contact with a label interested by one of my titles, fingers crossed!

Thanks for your time Anthony. We will closely follow your next tutorials on Les Tutos d’Anto.