Kinow adds Business Intelligence to its core business


We are proud to announce that we have strengthen our offer by adding Business Intelligence. New tools have emerged for content broadcasters to finely analyze user behavior to engage and grow their audience.

In 2017, many companies report that video is very important in their industry, but they most often estimate that they are below their audience engagement goals. Indeed, most of these companies do not control all the behavioral data that would allow them to improve their content strategy and user experience. But all consider that the tracking of users' data on their video platform is essential.

Offering one of the most advanced video solutions on the market, Kinow brings together all the technological bricks needed for the instantaneous deployment of a video platform or the improvement of an existing platform: encoding and distribution, creation of a complete catalog, monetization and subscription management (AVOD, TVOD, SVOD), activity monitoring and customer support... Today we are pleased to announce that we have upgrade our product by integrating Business Intelligence tools dedicated to user behavior analysis.

With these new tools, the solution addresses the need for user understanding by analyzing the activity of a platform in real time. The aim is to make better operational and strategic decisions by centralizing and crossing data. By adding business intelligence, the platform can determine the right content to recommend to the right person and thus maximize the potential of a video catalog and marketing actions that result.

Since 2015, we have successfully deployed more than 100 video platforms to help media groups, publishers, TV channels, operators, brands and content providers respond to the new challenges of a changing market. The latest is Equidia, PMU's equestrian television channel. Thanks to Kinow, they benefit from a solution that centralizes and crosses all the data of their business tools and their video streams (live, replay, VOD) in an automated and transparent way.

If you also want to make the most out of your users' data, contact us for a commercial demonstration!