Kinow blog opening!


Kinow has the great pleasure to announce the opening of its blog.

News of the company

Find here all the news of the startup: our attendance to events in the domain of VOD, press releases, interviews and messages from our clients, recruitment announcements, our point of view about the news, the market, the legislation...

As video on demand experts, we do not lack subjects of conversation. Welcome to this sharing and information space!


On this blog, you will also find a wealth of technical and marketing information in order to increase the performances of your VOD platform and grow the sales of your videos on line. How to attract visitors, how to best animate your community, what is good practice for the entertainment content or for e-learning videos and many others.

We invite you already to read the first article of this series, which present several techniques to get a good start for your video on demand service by adopting winning behaviours while avoiding certain mistakes. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to not miss our next pieces of advice and news!

The new features of our solution

As you might already know, video on demand consumers are very demanding upon the quality of the service that is proposed to them: as for conventional e-commerce, the seller must be respectable, propose different means of payment, and offer his video content in an enjoyable and ergonomic way.

Furthermore, the VOD market is in constant evolution, each period seeing the appearance of new practices and consumption trends which requires constant adaptation. To answer these specific issues, as well as the needs of our customers, whether about attendance and service use statistics, or increasing the sophistication of platforms, we do all we can daily to bring you improved, advanced solutions. This section presents the new features added to our solution.

Passionately, Pierre, CEO of Kinow - Nantes, 3rd November 2015