Kinow deploys Reworld Media's thematic SVOD channels


Created in 2012 and developed around strong media brands, Reworld Media is today a major group in the French media panorama. In only 7 years, the group has become the leader in thematic media.

Today, Kinow’s solution allows them to deploy their thematic TV services in live & on-demand streaming.

Kinow, a custom-made and turnkey solution for unique platforms

Thanks to Kinow, the group is able to customize their platforms with graphic universes specific to each theme and associated with the eponymous magazines.

Currently, three platforms are available to the general public:

  • Le chasseur français TV: media brand dedicated to the rural world. It covers hunting, fishing, nature, gardening and gastronomy, with reports and interviews.

  • Auto Plus TV: reference brand for everything related to car purchases and the driver’s life.

  • Guerres & Histoire TV: video platform adapted from the magazine, dedicated to military history and intended for all lovers of strategy and history.

And 2 others are close to being deployed: Téléstar Play, Top Santé TV.

The first SVOD services were deployed in less than 2 months.

Users will have access to nearly 100 hours of programming per platform as well as 5-10 hours of new programming per month per platform, with even a 24/7 live channel for some services. Rewold Media's team will be able to manage this content easily with the help of numerous functionalities: catalogue organisation, audience analysis, configuration of payment offers and promotions, trial periods, live broadcasting... Our turnkey solution makes it easy to manage their streaming platforms.

Intelligent content recommendation with Rumo technology by Spideo, simplified content editorialization, responsive website and Android & iOS mobile applications, everything is designed to offer the best user experience on different devices.

"We are delighted to support the Reworld Media group in the deployment of its live and replay platforms. Our technology has enabled them to quickly and cost-effectively launch thematic streaming services on various interfaces customized with the graphic identity of each brand (web, mobile, tablet...).
Thanks to our SaaS solution, Reworld Media's operational teams can focus on the editorialization and marketing of their services while we take care of all the technical aspects (hosting, application maintenance, technical support, ...)."

Pierre ANTOINE - CEO and co-founder of Kinow

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