Kinow integrates with Dalet Flex to offer an automated solution, from content preparation to audience engagement on all screens


Managing the production and direct distribution of video content are two facets of the same workflow which require specific tools, often complex and expensive to integrate together.

In order to automate these processes and to answer the increasing stakes of interoperability of the tools, Kinow is now integrated with the Dalet ecosystem via the Dalet Flex solution. Thanks to this, we can propose an end-to-end solution that allows to manage the production of content and the direct distribution in streaming to the audience.

Dalet, a key player in the field of media technologies and services

Dalet is a leading media solutions and service provider that places technological innovation and human collaboration at the heart of everything they do, creating powerful tools and products that help you tell better stories. With over three decades of innovation, Dalet’s software solutions enable greater control, enhanced visibility and increased productivity for content professionals and storytellers around the globe.

Dalet Flex, an open platform

Today, Dalet offers more than 300 active integrations across its product range, covering every customer requirement from third-party integrations, cloud services and more. Its systems are designed for seamless third-party compatibility, allowing customers, system integrators and other manufacturers to add new capabilities through open application programming interfaces (APIs).

Dalet Flex is a configurable content supply chain solution that resolves the multi-platform delivery needs of today’s content creators and distributors.

Kinow integrates with Dalet Flex to offer an automated solution, from content preparation to audience engagement on all screens

Example of partner integrations within the Dalet Flex ecosystem

Kinow, a tailor-made solution to deploy its OTT service

Kinow provides live streaming and on-demand OTT platform solutions to distribute and monetize content to an audience on any screen (web, mobile or TV).

It is one of the most advanced OVP (Online Video Platform) on the market, bringing together all the technologies needed to manage a free or paid OTT video service, live or on-demand. The cloud solution is aimed at various players (broadcasters, media, sports, festivals, training,...).

“We are pleased to add Kinow to our technology partner ecosystem, bringing increased choice for our joint customers when it comes to distributing content to their viewers. The highly configurable integration brings complementary publishing functionality from Kinow's solutions into Dalet Flex content preparation capabilities."
Bea ALONSO - Chief Market Officer at Dalet
"The combined agility of Dalet Flex & Kinow solutions is a real asset and will allow us to meet the needs of our customers requiring both a powerful production tool and a scalable streaming distribution solution, deployed in record time and at competitive costs.”
Pierre ANTOINE - Co-founder of Kinow

Kinow & Dalet Flex, a powerful association

This new joint offering makes it possible to automate the sending of finalized video files and associated metadata from the production environment to the distribution platform without manual intervention or technical integration, thus greatly reducing the costs and deployment time of these tools.

Dalet and Kinow solutions empower companies to:

  • Quickly launch new services on new platforms (VOD, live, apps, subscription...)
  • Rapid adoption of new monetization models with subscriber and billing management
  • Efficiently expand existing offerings to new markets and geographies
  • Augment revenue options. For example, sell your picture library, sign temporary distribution contracts and rights for B2C distribution
  • Increase viewer engagement by delivering more content
  • Gain visibility across your distribution operations to make the right business decisions

Together we provide content preparation to audience engagement anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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About Dalet

Dalet empowers media-rich organizations to transform their production and distribution workflows – accelerating media operations, maximizing collaboration and creating higher value from content. Leading organizations such as Fox Networks Group, Arsenal Football Club, MediaCorp, Audi, and the BBC trust Dalet to support their daily content operations. Their team is driven by a passion for media and committed to empowering a world where compelling stories are beautifully made, effortlessly told and thoughtfully delivered. Learn more at

About Kinow

Kinow provides a cloud solution to help media, broadcasters and distributors deploy and enhance their own live and on-demand streaming platform. Kinow is one of the most advanced OVP (Online Video Platform) platforms on the market and brings together all the technologies needed to manage a free or paid OTT video service, live or on-demand. Since its launch in 2015, Kinow has deployed nearly 300 platforms worldwide. A few examples of Kinow customers: Reworld Media platforms (Le Chasseur Français TV, Guerres & Histoire TV, Auto Plus TV), Tënk (documentaries), LaCinetek (authors films) or Château de Versailles spectacles.

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