Kinow offers personalized content recommendation with Rumo by Spideo


"Recommended for you", you have probably already watched a video following a suggestion from a streaming service, whether paid or free.

User knowledge and personalization of the experience have become critical in the retention of video platform users. Kinow has understood this and strengthens its offer by adding personalized content recommendation based on the viewing history of each user and on the information (metadata) of each content. The start-up from Nantes integrates Rumo's technology by Spideo in order to offer a turnkey solution to retain your users.

Rumo by Spideo

After 18 months of lab work and beta testing, Spideo has launched Rumo, the first SaaS recommendation platform specifically designed for creative industries: videos, books, podcasts, online courses, video games and much more.

With its ethical approach, Rumo provides algorithms, dashboards and analytics that are transparent, controllable and respectful of data protection. These technologies, simply presented, are accessible to tech and non-tech people: Rumo advocates human-centered AI, which helps users make their own choices, by explaining recommendations.

Rumo was created by Spideo, a company founded in 2010. Spideo provides recommendation and analytics technologies for the creative industries and especially for video content platforms. Spideo has built a unique expertise in recommender systems and content personalization by combining skills coming from computer and social sciences, semantics and film studies.

Today, this technology is integrated to Kinow platforms.

“Our clients are as concerned with acquiring new users than they are with retaining existing ones, especially in the highly competitive VOD industry where users are fickle and retention can be much more complex (than acquisition). Personalized recommendation seems essential as it contributes to the improvement of user experience and user satisfaction, two key factors ensuring the sustainability of a streaming platform.”
Sibyl IMBEAUX - Account Manager at Kinow

Kinow, a software solution to create your own streaming platform

Kinow is one of the most advanced OVP (Online Video Platform) on the market and gathers all the necessary technologies to manage a free or paid streaming video service, live or on demand. Our cloud solution is aimed at different actors (broadcasters, media, sports, festivals, training,...) who all have one objective: to offer the best user experience.

On web, mobile or TV, Kinow allows to deploy an OTT (Over The Top) service quickly with an intuitive and flexible administration panel allowing many possibilities. Monetization, third party applications, CMS (Customer Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), audience analysis, all the essential aspects for the good management of a platform are available in this turnkey solution.

Since its launch in 2015, Kinow has deployed nearly 300 platforms worldwide.

Kinow & Rumo, a perfect match for a market-leading service

How does it work?

Based on each user's behavior thanks to viewing history, recommendations are unique and personal.

The personalized recommendation takes place in 3 steps:

  • Synchronization of the platform existing catalog: movies and metadata (film genre, country, director, actors, emotions, age group...)

  • Recovery of user statistics (film viewing history)

  • Display of recommendations in a dedicated content rail on web and mobile homepages, for example "Specially selected for you".

In order to be more innovative, more transparent, with a more user-personalized approach, it will be possible one day to indicate specifically to each user  why a particular content was recommended for him/her (on which criteria).

To find out, stay tuned!

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