Les Mutins de Pangée chose Kinow to modernize its committed and cooperative VOD platform


Les Mutins de Pangée is launching a new version of its platform entirely dedicated to documentaries and films by committed filmmakers: Ciné Mutins.

The challenge of this new version was to improve the platform in order to offer a more modern service and a smoother user experience.

Since its launch, Ciné Mutins has already more than 18 000 registered users!

Les Mutins de Pangée, a range of committed films

Created 15 years ago, Les Mutins de Pangée is a SCOP, an audiovisual and film production and publishing cooperative (DVD, VOD). The editorial line of Les Mutins takes side paths, motivated by the curiosity to discover the world in all its complexity. It is in this state of mind that they propose themselves as "cinephile companions" with the permanent desire to share their discoveries along the resulting reflections.

In order to modernize and meet the expectations of their users, Les Mutins de Pangée trusts us to replace its existing site by creating a new VOD platform: Ciné Mutins.

Today on Ciné Mutins, it is possible to watch heritage films, animation or popular stories. Their various partnerships allow them to propose many collections, dedicated to filmmakers but also related to current events.

A scalable platform thanks to a tailor-made solution

The integration of the Kinow API on their own website promotes full interoperability with the group's technical infrastructure.

Indeed, Kinow ensures in particular the hosting, the distribution and the maintenance of the committed platform. On their side, the team of the cooperative has access to all the functionalities of the Back-Office. From storage to video broadcasting, through product management or CRM, nothing is left to chance to allow Mutins de Pangée to model the entire site and manage the ecosystem that revolves around the VOD platform.

Ciné Mutins thus offers a diversity of subjects, which can be found thanks to different ways of accessing the films. The Kinow online video platform solution allows the cooperative to monetize its films through several flexible mechanisms.

Indeed, on the new platform it is possible, for example, to rent a film for 7 days, buy a film individually, use prepaid VOD cards that can be used for life to rent several films, or even offer your credits to a friend!

The diversity of subscription forms makes it possible to be in line with the current offer of VOD platforms and to best meet the user's expectations.

Kinow thus offers a turnkey and fully customizable solution. As a result, Les Mutins de Pangée was able to recreate its graphic universe but also to keep its values. The films are accessible by streaming and downloading, in a cooperative approach, respecting a fair distribution of rights, without advertising (nor data collection).

About Kinow

Kinow provides a cloud solution to help media, broadcasters and distributors deploy and enhance their own live and on-demand streaming platform. Kinow is one of the most advanced OVP (Online Video Platform) on the market and brings together all the technologies needed to manage a free or paid OTT video service. Since its launch in 2015, Kinow has deployed nearly 300 platforms worldwide. A few examples of Kinow clients: the platforms Bref (short film), Tënk (documentary), LaCinetek (authors films) and the film distributors Carlotta, Shellac and Saje.

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