Libcast blog system, notifications and video source


Check out the latest updates and features available on your Kinow VOD platform.

Publish news directly to your platform in a blog!

Kinow offers the possibility to integrate a blog in your platform. This tool allows you to highlight your actuality in order to develop the relationship with your users and communicate on your products. Writing quality content is interesting in order to feed into your presence on social networks. It is also an excellent indirect communication tool that allows you to better reference your platform on search engines and increase qualified traffic on your website. You can directly edit your articles in your admin panel.


Automatic notification when publishing new products

When you create a video product sheet you can now enable automatic notifications. The members registered in your newsletter will receive an email when the product will be available on your platform. They will be kept informed on the latest releases. Pay attention to the number of active notifications, if you have a catalog with many references, this can become a source of spam for your subscribers. The use of this feature is therefore recommended when the renewal of your catalog does not exceed the 5 new products per month.  

New external video source: Libcast

An external video source can host, encode, and stream your videos. It was already possible to use Amazon Web Service, Vimeo, JW Platform or Infomaniak with your Kinow VOD platform. A new source is now available: Libcast. This hosting provider provides competitive hosting solutions, as well as the ability to stream a live video stream. Uploading and encoding is available from your Libcast account, and catalog management is available from your Kinow administration panel.  

Export of data

You can export your video access and subscriptions statistics to excel using the CSV format. Thus, you have access to the data grouping all the views and subscriptions in progress of all your users, with the possibility of sorting them beforehand in your interface. You benefit from a more detailed management of the data of your platform, and can thus customize the form of the report. Export is available on many elements of the dashboard such as "Subscription Tracking" or "Video Catalog".

Prepaid credits

The encoding of your videos requires prepaid credits available directly in the "Credits" tab of your Kameo account. You buy beforehand packs of encoding hours, benefiting at any time from the visibility of the remaining balance, allowing you to credit your account when you need it. The principle is simple: 1 hour of encoded video input will consume 1 hour of encoding credit on your account and will make your video accessible to your users in several resolutions (2 SD formats and 1 HD format). If you modify the number of encoding formats of your videos, your credits are likely to be consumed more or less quickly.