Little Bollywood: VOD site for Indian cinema with Kinow


How to launch your streaming website internationally? Bee propelled by Kinow is a turnkey solution, specifically designed to accompany you in your projects, wherever you are and whatever the audience you want to address.

Discover today Little Bollywood or the story of the worldwide deployment of a video platform dedicated to Indian cinema.

Propose a VOD offer dedicated to Bollywood films

Being very popular in their homeland, India, Bollywood films also attract a large international audience. It is this fascination that gave birth to the Little Bollywood project, a VOD service launched by CINEOZ. Indeed, the French distributor wanted to highlight this beautiful culture through the seventh art. Whether it's action movies, dramas or comedies, the Little Bollywood catalog is very rich and varied. The platform gathers together several offers with names inspired by Indian deities: Brahma (monthly offer), Vishnu (quarterly offer), Shiva (half-yearly offer) and the annual offer Ganesh. Finally, in order to convince its target audience, the Little Bollywood platform also offers regular promotions.

CINEOZ has decided to work with many production studios, among which we can mention Tips Films Pvt. Ltd., Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision or Pyramid Saimira Group. The French distributor also provides a part of its catalog in white label to local collaborators. The catalog should reach 500 films within a year or two. The platform brings together successful Bollywood films. The most watched works are highlighted in a special way as they are grouped in a special section. New movies are also added regularly in order to keep the audience loyal. Finally, a section is exclusively dedicated to the great figures of Bollywood cinema. The CINEOZ teams have put together biographies.

Create a VOD service and go international with Kinow

After studying the proposals of Polish and Moroccan partners, CINEOZ chose the Bee propelled by Kinow solution to launch its streaming platform. For the distributor, it was firstly a matter of supporting a French company and "made in France" products. Then, regarding the functionalities, it was very important to protect the movies. Thanks to the DRM proposed by Bee propelled by Kinow, content protection is assured. Little Bollywood is today a video platform available internationally: it exists in both French and English versions. The CINEOZ teams have also chosen to integrate French subtitles to their platform.

Little Bollywood is already a success and the streaming service will be the subject of many more great projects. A few examples? The CINEOZ teams would like to add subtitles in Spanish and Arabic, offer dubbed movies in French (probably next September) and create an application with Free. Finally, expect to see original CINEOZ films on the platform soon, as the teams want to start producing films by 2024.

"Bee propelled by Kinow solution seemed to us like the ideal choice to realize our project of launching our platform internationally. We wanted a ready-to-use solution, which could meet our needs in a fast time and coming from a French supplier. We are now very satisfied with Little Bollywood and we will continue to move forward with the Kinow teams."
Christian PETIPERMON - General Manager, CINEOZ
"LIttle Bollywood is a typical example of a thematic platform with strong potential and capable of federating a community that is very loyal to the service due to its complementary offer to the large generalist platforms. The project required a turnkey VOD solution that could be easily customized, deployed very quickly and within a competitive budget. Thanks to our SaaS software, CINEOZ is now able to offer its content in streaming by subscription worldwide."
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

Bee propelled by Kinow is a turnkey solution. It adapts to your sector and to your needs, without constraints and with a maximum of functionalities to guarantee the success of your streaming project. Like CINEOZ, we have accompanied many customers in their international deployment. If you would like to know more about our solution, discover other case studies or if you would like advice on how to get started, do not hesitate to contact our experts.


For two years, CINEOZ has been a film distributor in France. Thanks to a common passion of the managers for Bollywood films, the project of a streaming platform exclusively dedicated to the genre emerged. The international deployment was organized thanks to Bee propelled by Kinow solution. Discover Little Bollywood.