Geolocation, automatic calculation of VAT and Stripe


In order to offer a solution with more accuracy, ease of use and to answer the needs of all our customers, we offer new features on a regular basis. Here are some of the new features available on Kinow VOD platforms.


No more issues handling copyrights and territoriality thanks to our geolocation by IP address feature. Choose the countries for which you wish to make your videos available with a simple click. You may also choose if the visitors from restricted countries may access your platform or not.

Automated computation of VAT

Since January 1st 2015, VAT must be applied accordingly to the buyer's place of residence. The rules in this matter now makes it compulsory that sales inside of the European union must be taxed according to the country where the buyer resides and no longer according to the country where the seller operates. No worries, you simply set your selling price before tax or all tax included and our automated VAT computing feature automatically applies the corresponding tax each time your customers buy one of your products.

Direct payment

Need to increase your transformation rate? Simplify your order process thanks to our payment pop-up. Your customers do not even need to access a new page anymore when they wish to buy one of your videos, the whole order process happens in the pop-up which appears when clicking on the "Buy" button.

Advanced subscriptions

Save time by giving maximum autonomy to your subscribers which can now manage their subscriptions how they wish. From their personal page, they may visualize all of their ongoing subscriptions and cancel a subscription with automatic renewal.

E-mail alerts

This feature permits you to send an automated email alert to your customers before the end of their subscription. The mail contains a link to renew the subscription or stop the automated payment.

New payment methods

In addition to the PayPal payment module, you may now offer to your customers to pay directly by Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many other payment methods without creating an account thanks to the Stripe payment module. It is also possible to offer them to pay by check or even by bank transfer. It is your choice!