Mastering English is easy with Streamglish SVOD e-learning platform


Opening to the world, traveling, developing one's career... Mastering English is crucial to accessing countless opportunities.

However, French people sometimes face some difficulties when it comes to learning a new language. The reason is simple: according to Stephen Krashen, an American linguist, "a language cannot be learned, it is acquired by immersion". With this in mind, Streamglish focuses on immersion through entertaining video content and an innovative method to progress in English. Let us take a closer look at this SVOD e-learning platform powered by Bee.

French people and English, a history of non-love

It is well known that French people are bad students in English... If the classic program - between grammar and theoretical rules of use - remains debatable, there are formidable tools to improve one's level, among which:

  • Watching videos in O.V.
  • The use of specialized applications.
  • Reading.

Or, you can rely on Streamglish, the educational streaming platform that combines all these methods for a progressive, fast, and optimal learning of English!

How about learning English while having fun with the Streamglish streaming service?

You might consider enriching your vocabulary, developing your oral expression, improving your listening, and reading comprehension by watching the news in its original version every day. Does that sound interesting to you? That is exactly what Streamglish is all about! Based on video content, this e-learning platform uses a method of innovative educational subtitles mixing English and French.

An innovative and original learning method to progress effectively

he immersive method

The Streamglish platform is based on the immersive method as advocated by the eminent linguist Stephen Krashen. Krashen believes that the best way to progress in English is to immerse yourself in a pleasant and motivating environment where the language is spoken in a natural and intelligible way: through repetition, English is acquired unconsciously.

This is the natural way for children to master their native language. And it works just as well with adults!

The Streamglish method: in between streaming and e-learning

In specific, Streamglish offers videos in their original version, selected for their ease of understanding (speed, diction, accent...) and the richness of their vocabulary.

English subtitles include French translations of complicated words and important expressions. Personalized comprehension and expression exercises allow you to deepen your knowledge of the language.

Guaranteed attractiveness with advanced custom features

A rich and eclectic video catalog

The Streamglish catalog offers:

  • A daily 2-minute news video, in English or American.
  • 3-to-5-minute reports on current affairs or social issues.
  • More than 100 business videos.

The platform offers nearly 400 new videos per year, in HD (High Definition) quality.

The tree structure allows the user to filter the catalog  by category (news of the day, report, short format, business videos...).

There are also several filters, notably by theme (science, politics...) and by accent (Scottish, American, Australian...).

Educational subtitles

Streamglish's flagship feature and developed by Bee, the educational subtitles, in original version, include the French translation of important words and expressions.

Also, the educational subtitles are adapted to the level of English of everyone. Users can choose among5 difficulty levels.

Smart vocabulary exercises

To help users memorize new words and expressions, Streamglish - in partnership with Bee - has set up different exercises for each video: MCQs, fill-in-the-blank text, and flash cards.

The platform even offers speaking exercises. Streamglish's virtual English assistant evaluates pronunciation (intelligibility, prosody, articulation) and instantly offers a personalized correction thanks to artificial intelligence.

Finally, Streamglish includes a review module for personalized vocabulary. Every morning, the algorithm determines the vocabulary to review based on a personal vocabulary list (the user can save the vocabulary for each video), the videos seen in the last few days and the errors or difficulties encountered in the exercises.

Customized education & business features

Streamglish is still full of features to meet specific needs:

  • An "Education" offer intended for teachers and adapted to the national education program with an individual follow-up of the progress of each student, as a bonus.
  • A category dedicated to business English, specialized by position/function and sector.
  • TOEIC and LTE preparation.
  • A conversation simulation engine...

And many other features to discover.

Streamglish & Bee: a winning combination

"After having clearly defined our offer - between varied video content, personalized subtitling, intelligent algorithm - the implementation appeared to us as the main obstacle... until we discovered Bee, which is definitely a streaming solution with an infinite potential! The teams have perfectly developed the key features of the BO, the CDN and the Player of Streamglish, and afterwards we could take control of the platform independently. A real child's play!"
Timothée Luneau, founder of Streamglish
"Attractive daily video content to maintain motivation and encourage regular practice, educational subtitles to quickly progress in English, artificial intelligence to optimize vocabulary memorization and oral expression, personalized content and exercises... It's all there! We are proud to have taken on all these challenges and to have been a springboard for this platform that today allows thousands of users to master English and open up new opportunities."
Maël Bourhis, Product Manager Alpha Networks

Discover the reference e-learning SVOD platform

Launched in 2021, Streamglish has gained nearly 49,400 subscribers and has become one of the best e-learning platforms for improving English.

Available through SVOD subscription at €9.99 per month (no commitment), Streamglish offers a freemium deal with a 30-day trial to watch unlimited HD videos on all screens (computer, tablet and smartphone), discover all the features and receive the daily TV news.

Do you also want to deploy your own e-learning streaming platform? Contact our teams to tell us about your project and discover our 100% customizable turnkey OTT (Over the Top) solution.