Mediawan collaborates with Kinow to launch its streaming solution


Agility, interoperability, security, advanced features and rapid deployment. So many different essential criteria to centralize, browse and view your audiovisual contents on a streaming platform.

Today, we present our Kinow solution advantages through the Mediawan group.

Mediawan, one of the biggest independent European studios producing audiovisual content

Mediawan group, created in 2015, rapidly became one of the European leaders in its market. As an independent studio, it gathers and brings to light the best talents in the field of audiovisual creation. The group is structured around three main activities.

Mediawan produces. The group is involved in the production of a wide variety of original content (drama, unscripted, documentary, cinema and animated content) through 60 labels in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, the United Kingdom and Senegal. Mediawan is notably the producer of “Call My Agent”, “Clem”, the movie “Divorce French style”, documentaries like “Gregory” or “Gims”, and some unscripted shows such as “Recherche Appartement ou Maison”, “C à vous” or “C dans l’air”.

Mediawan distributes. Mediawan also manages the distribution of audiovisual content in France and abroad. Thanks to close connections with producers, broadcasters, etc., all genres are present and the group offers approximately 20,000 hours of programming.

Mediawan broadcasts. The group is proposing 17 TV channels (RTL9, MANGAS, GOLF CHANNEL, etc.) and some digital services such as Youtube channels with exclusive content.

Mediawan offers premium content to its target and this is a high-standard requirement that led the teams to our Kinow solution.

Kinow, a complete and secure video streaming solution

Mediawan has chosen Kinow for the creation of its VOD platform.

Why? Kinow is a video streaming solution delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), totally integrated with a wide variety of partners. It is an agile solution, offering many different features and capable of being deployed in record time.

Kinow has been collaborating with the group to understand its needs and, in less than 2 months, the platform was ready.

The interface allows them to search and view video content.

We are delighted to support the Mediawan teams. The group has a real desire to offer the best content and the best entertainment to its audience. This quality requirement is also part of our values at Kinow and it's a common vision that gave birth to a great platform, at the service of Mediawan."
Pierre ANTOINE - Co-founder of Kinow

About Mediawan

Created in late 2015 by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse, Mediawan is one of the main independent European studios producing audiovisual content. Mediawan brings together best-in-class talents in audiovisual creation by operating on the entire value chain: production of drama, unscripted, documentary, cinema and animated original content (Mediawan Studios) thanks to more than 60 production labels, but also distribution of audiovisual content (Mediawan Rights, LS Distribution and Telmondis Distribution), and publishing of channels and digital services (Mediawan Thematics). Mediawan is the founding member of Mediawan & Leonine Studios, an innovative European studio that gathers the creative power of 60 production companies in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, the United Kingdom and Senegal.

About Kinow

Kinow provides a cloud solution to help media, broadcasters and distributors launch their own live and on-demand streaming platform. Kinow is one of the most advanced OVP (Online Video Platform) platforms on the market and brings together all the technologies needed to manage a free or paid OTT video service. Since its launch in 2015, Kinow has deployed more than 300 platforms worldwide. We collaborate with some international festivals as Le Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy, some entertainment producers as Château de Versailles Spectacles, prestigious institutions as the respected Académie des César and some leading media groups as Reworld Media. Discover a few examples of platforms deployed by Kinow.
If you also would like to create an OTT streaming service and need guidance, you can download our Kinow technical specifications template.