Meeting with Soufiane Rouibia, Co-founder and CEO of Easy Broadcast


In recent weeks, Kinow has been able to meet some of its partners for special "expert" interviews. Soufiane Rouibia, Co-founder of Easy Broadcast informs us about "the interests for companies to develop in-house video".

Soufiane Rouibia has more than 15 years of experience in the world of OTT. After working at Orange Labs in Lannion where he wrote a thesis on signal processing and telecommunications, he then worked at TMG as R&D manager.

Soufiane Rouibia - Co-founder and CEO of Easy Broadcast

Soufiane has been working for more than 10 years on content security protocols, peer-to-peer networks and web streaming technologies. During his career, he has filed 16 patents and written several scientific publications on the subject.

He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Easy Broadcast.

In your opinion, what are the needs of a company that wants to develop video in its internal communication?

Nowadays, companies want to put emotion and the human being at the heart of their attention, particularly through authentic communication. Traditional images and texts are no longer enough to stimulate the emotion of consumers or employees.

If companies increasingly wish to integrate video into their communication plan, particularly in internal communication, it is to satisfy several development needs.

First to spread the culture and values of the company by sharing internal events thanks to live or on-demand broadcasting of conferences, CEO speeches to global partners, or even aftermovies of the latest seminars… always with the main objective to motivate and enhance the teams.

But the video can also be used in other, more instructive cases, such as in-house training. Thanks to it, it is now possible to train a group of people in a very short period of time, rather than training employees on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, thanks to the sharing of video content, companies can optimize two points: saving time and/or money.

Following feedbacks, I have noticed that company managers feel that their employees pay more attention to what is said during a videoconference. Moreover, the fact that it is filmed and broadcast in real time is a more cost-effective process in terms of results and saves valuable time.

What are the technical constraints to be performed before broadcasting video in the workplace?

The technical constraints for OTT, TV channels and VOD platforms are exactly the same for video streaming for internal use. With one difference, the real time constraint is less strong for corporate OTT (capture, transcoding, broadcasting on different media, CDN, Analytics).Today, the issue in enterprise OTT is the bandwidth limitation. To give you an example; a bank has between 200 and 1000 branches and each branch has between 10 and 30 employees, so broadcasting a video is a real challenge. With the apparition of hybrid protocols, such as Easy broadcast's patented hybrid technology, this bandwidth management issue can be solved internally.

What services can be put around it?

Several services can be counted in the corporate OTT, such as replays management, the chat management, the cutting streams, the language management (for foreign subsidiaries), subtitling...

Currently, the service which is the most interesting for corporate communication is internal chat. However, the cutting of the stream and the edition of replays also facilitate this communication, because the interest is to know within the company, which person has discussed a certain subject and when, in order to select the piece of information that interests us.

To conclude, using video in internal communication demonstrates many benefits and thus accentuates the company culture. Communication is reinforced by the "social" side of the video and is therefore less institutional. Finally, this initiative is at the origin of many savings:  time, money and energy.

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