New feature: Broadcast your live events and TV channels live with Kinow Live


Kinow is pleased to present you the new Live feature that allows you to broadcast your TV channels and live events, whatever your field (sports, festival, training, corporate...).

This new broadcasting trend is becoming a must. What are the advantages? How does it work? We will tell everything!

The Live, an attractive concept

As a reminder, Live streaming refers to the real-time broadcast of a temporary or permanent video stream. Youtube live, Facebook Live, Instagram, TikTok,... they all adopted it. In the social networking sphere, this powerful tool allows to create interaction with users via comments and increases the sense of community. Platforms based on the concept were born, such as Twitch in video games.

Moreover, this broadcasting method is used in many fields: sports (competitions), events (concerts, festivals), media or even cinema (private screenings).

It is one of the most popular video formats among Internet users. Indeed, live streaming makes the experience more authentic, more exclusive, and more easily captures attention.

Besides, as video consumption has progressively shifted from TV to mobile and tablet, broadcasters are adapting to these new uses. Now they offer their TV channels in OTT (Over The Top) to allow their audience to access them on any screen.The Kinow solution allows you to create your own Live streams and to keep control of the access and the broadcast.

Broadcast your Lives with Kinow

The Live feature allows you to offer attractive content in tune with current trends. No need to use third party platforms anymore, you can keep control from your streaming platform. It's a real advantage to stand out and offer high value-added content.

You can ingest, transcode and broadcast a live stream, in two formats:

  • Temporary: for a limited time (2 hours for example)
  • Permanent: for a 24/7 broadcast like a classic TV channel

Creating a temporary Live

The creation of a temporary Live is done autonomously in the back-office, from the "Media Management > Live Feed" tab.

You need to click on the "New Live" button:

Live creation

Then, you specify a name for this Live (for internal use only) and launch it. The creation of the channel can take several minutes, a loading icon is displayed. When the channel is ready, the icon changes to "LIVE" and a stream key is available:

What about protection?

The Live feature supports Hollywood-grade DRMs (PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay) which are the highest level of protection often required by the major studios.

Creation of a permanent Live

As a digital complement to your current offer or not, this format allows you to broadcast your linear TV channels very easily. The creation of a permanent Live channel requires the subscription to a dedicated Kinow service.

As for the temporary Live, the Hollywood DRMs are supported on a permanent Live.

Ingestion of a live stream

There are many free and open source video recording and live streaming softwares on the Internet. After choosing your software to ingest a live stream at the point of editing, simply use :

  • The URL of the stream (rtmp)
  • The stream key

Here is an example of use with the OBS studio software:

When a stream is ingested on the editing point, it can be found in the channel details. You have to click on the "+" button on the right:

The latter is displayed with a "REC" icon to symbolize the current ingestion:

Broadcasting Live on the user interface

A Live stream is made available to the end users in the same way as a VOD content: through a product and a video file.

To associate a Live stream to a video file, you have to select the source "Kinow Live" then, the desired channel:

Live2VOD, from live to permanent content

At the end of your Live, you have the possibility to transform it into VOD until 14 days after its creation. To do this, wait until the stream is finished (with the "OFF" icon) and click on the "Turn into VOD" button on the right:

When the operation is finished, the VOD file will be in the video file explorer:

This procedure allows you to offer your video in replay for as long as you wish. About protection, it is possible to apply Hollywood-grade DRMs on the VOD product generated after the Live.


This feature is a real advantage for a streaming platform. Whether it is temporary or permanent, Live allows you to propose a unique and secured content. Our evolutive solution Kinow is constantly improving in order to meet user expectations. It is possible that in the future, users will be able to interact via comments on your platforms... To be aware of Kinow evolutions, stay connected!

If you want to know more about the Live feature, and how to adapt it to your streaming platform, the Kinow team will help you. Contact our experts!