New generic Kinow application for PC & Mac


In the age of the mobile revolution, users expectations are changing. Some use cases cannot be replaced entirely by a mobile application.

This is where the desktop application comes into play. The purpose of this application is to allow offline viewing of video content, on a computer with a Windows, Mac or Linux OS, in a secure environment that respects the rules of the rights holders.

Definition, user benefits, LaCinetek desktop application example... We explain everything.

What is a desktop application?

A desktop application runs autonomously on a user's computer. Unlike a "web application", which is executed in the web browsers.

Therefore, a desktop application can be compared to a real software! Indeed, it is possible to access and run it directly on its own computer desktop. Each user can benefit from this very simplified access thanks to a download link given beforehand by the web based video platform. And once downloaded, an icon will appear directly on the desktop.

What benefits?

These days, more and more streaming platforms are adopting a "user-centric" strategy in order to understand their users needs and expectations, and better meet them. Thus, the desktop application is a complete part of this strategy!

There are several reasons for this:

Offline access

It becomes possible for the user to watch his video content at any time without an internet connection and without having to browse through the entire video catalog. Very useful for users on the move!

Moreover, the viewing is of better quality and without interruption to guarantee the best conditions of service.

This application finally allows you to give the user access to your catalog while remaining in a secure environment to avoid the risks of illegal downloading.

Content personalization

Thanks to the desktop app, it also becomes possible for the user to download video content for a defined period of time.

This is why it is very interesting for video platforms. In particular to simplify the management of access modes to the catalog, with for example, a video available for 48 hours as soon as it is downloaded. It's up to you to set the rules!  

Instant updates

Updates are immediately effective on a desktop application. This is because they are not bind to an applications store like the mobile applications and can therefore be carried out independently.

An example: LaCinetek

This is the case of LaCinetek, a user benefit-oriented platform powered by Kinow:

In conclusion

In addition to its many user-oriented benefits and simplified access to a computer desktop, the desktop application also offers advantages in terms of content management of your streaming platform and meets the requirements of your rights holders, including the largest studios.

If you want to know more about this wonderful solution, the Kinow team can help you to create your own desktop application as soon as possible. Contact our experts!