New management of access modes to your video catalogue


Kinow is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved management of the access modes to your catalogue.

In order to simplify their use, to save time on the different sales possibilities of your streaming service and to make sure you meet the requirements of the rights holders, including the biggest Hollywood studios.

New possibilities, unified management... we explain you the interest and the advantages of this incredible redesign dedicated to our faithful and future users!

Streaming service: the importance of the choice of access modes

Today, we all have in mind the example of Netflix's subscription access or the pay-per-view on OTT platforms.

The crucial point in choosing a technical solution for the launch of a streaming platform is the flexibility and scalability of your offer in the future.

At the moment you might want to offer subscription-based packages; in a few months’ time add unit sales to part of the catalogue; or why not a price per episode or per quality?

New possibilities

The access modes therefore offer new possibilities for marketing its videos online, with more refined management of price, duration, access mode, and viewing quality.

Each title in your catalogue can therefore be purchased and consumed according to one or more access modes.

These accesses are managed directly in the Kinow administration panel via the product sheets (CMS). I want to watch a demo or get access.

Types of access

The accesses can be of 3 different types:

  • “Purchase”: for the definitive sale of a product, with an unlimited duration (EST)
  • “Rental”: to temporarily rent a video, with a specific duration DTR (Download to Rent)
  • “Subscription”: for access via a subscription offer (SVOD)

Access modes

The access modes can be configured from the "Access" tab of a product file.

Thus, it is possible to add as many modes as you wish, depending on the model of your video platform (by subscription, rental...).

Here are the different possible access modes:

  • Streaming and downloading access

  • Streaming access only

  • Download access only


It is possible to restrict access to video content based on the quality selected by the user, allowing them to view content in HD (720p or higher) and/or SD (less than 720p).

Video access

It allows you to restrict access to a specific video, rather than all the videos in the title (product).

You can set a price for access to all the videos of the title (season or series for example) and a price per video (episode).

Price of access

Each “Purchase" or "Rent" access has its own price: it is therefore possible to configure a different price depending on the access mode, its duration, the quality of the videos, and so on. You can also determine whether the price includes taxes or not. The Kinow solution will then automatically calculate the VAT according to the buyer's country to integrate it in the invoices.

Access duration and viewing

For example, each "Rental" type access has its own access duration in days and a viewing time limit after the first playback of a video when it has been downloaded (the latter requires viewing statistics, contact the Kinow team for more information).

Unified management

In order to simplify the interface of the administration panel, the "Price" and "Subscription" tabs of a product sheet have been merged into the "Access" tab, which now manages all the terms and conditions of sale and access to the product.

In conclusion

The access modes will allow you to simplify the marketing of your online video content. All this, thanks to a brand new administration panel and an interface optimized by UI and UX design. Powering your videos has never been easier!

If you want to know more about the different access modes and how to adapt them to your streaming platform, the Kinow team can help you in the transformation and improvement of your video contents. Contact our experts!